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Glorious Summoner Chapter 94

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When Director Xu brought the two boxes with bounding beads downstairs to upstairs, on the edge of the balcony upstairs in the corridor, he heard Xia standing on the balcony. Pingan and Guo Wei chatted.

The balcony on the second floor faces the garden in Gao Family Manor, where Xia Pingan and Guo Wei are waiting for him.

"...This is the cause of the matter. That Mu Qingchen is a rubbish. He had a grudge with the summoner of the Xianghe City Order Committee before, and wanted to trouble me, so he was in the ring that time. His leg was interrupted by me. He went home to recuperate, things are fickle..."

Xia Pingan sighed on the balcony, "Originally I thought he would be honest once he taught him a lesson, didn' t expect When I meet him again, it will be a goodbye. To be honest, I don’t regret his death at all..."

"When you talk about this here, you are not afraid that Gao Family thinks it is. What did you do?" Guo Wei asked.

"The grievances on the ring are resolved in the ring. For that matter, I won't risk so many lives..." Xia Pingan responded.

Xia Pingan really didn’t lie. The grievances on the ring were resolved on the ring. He really didn’t do it for that matter. He did it because Gao Family and Mu Qingchen wanted his life. One yard, one report pays another report.

When I was downstairs just now, Director Xu actually quietly asked a single thought in his heart, whether Xia Pingan did it, but after going upstairs, I heard Xia Pingan talk about Hemu Qing Chen's grievances and the suspicion in Director Xu's heart were completely disappeared.

Director Xu laughed at himself, even thinking about it, if you want to talk about grievances, the grievances and grievances that any one of the seven people who died outside the Gao Family caused are much more serious than a competition.

Don’t talk about anything else, just the various lawsuits caused by the Gao Family companies have caused hundreds of disputes on the court side. In the past two years, there were even jumping off the building, in order to deal with these lawsuits. Gao Family has a division, and there are also many other grievances related to the conflicts between men and women in various commercial competitions. As a summoner, Mu Qingchen likes to ostracize. His enemy is more than Xia Pingan. The suspect is Too much.

With this in mind, Director Xu has already arrived on the balcony and handed the two boxes on to Xia Pingan, "Mr. Xia, these are the two world beads prepared by Gao Family. Please have a look. !"

Xia Pingan took the two boxes, opened the first one above, and saw that the world bead in the box was a bit familiar. Looking closely, it turned out to be "nick the boat to seek the sword" .

Xia Pingan almost laughed. The summon pearl was sold at the Facebook Club for 9 million. Maybe it was bought by Gao Family.

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