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Glorious Summoner Chapter 97

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When the table made a sound, everyone in the Conference Hall was shocked.

Listening to the familiar voice, Director Xu opened his mouth slightly and looked at Xia Pingan in shock.

It’s not that Director Xu has never seen the secret technique of summoner, but the secret technique that Xia Pingan displayed in front of him shocked his understanding of summoner. What kind of secret technique is this secret technique that can actually bring the crime scene to the scene. Every table talks, turning the table into a "tape recorder". If the police station has this ability, wouldn't it be easy to find clues in many cases?

This is really a wave of unrest. The clues that Chief Xu expected to kill the Gao Family have not yet come out. Gao Family colluded with officials and businessmen to conceal a serious mining accident, and even used accidents in the mine. The clues of "killing" came out.

The police officers who were in charge of recording and surveying were also dumbfounded.

The Conference Hall was weirdly quiet for a few seconds...

"It's not true, it's not true..." The two sisters of Gao Family called all at once. When I got up, one by one lost one's head out of fear, and several Gao Family's daughter-in-laws also looked pale and panicked.

"This is him, this is his ghost trick, it's all his conspiracy, he is framing our Gao Family..." Gao Yue pointed to Xia Pingan and shouted angrily, "Director Xu, Let him stop!"

"The secret technique has been performed, and I can’t stop even if I want to stop it. Now this table is repeating the sound from last night’s Conference Hall, unless you take the table apart. Otherwise, the table will not stop... "Xia Pingan looked at Director Xu calmly," Director Xu, I am only responsible for finding clues, and what clues I find has nothing to do with me!"

Gao Yue Picking up a water cup next to him, he smashed the sandalwood table in the moved towards Conference Hall. The water cup shattered, but the sound of the sandalwood table still didn't stop.

Director Xu Complexion Ashen glanced at the noisy Gao Family sisters, winked at the two policemen next to him, "Pull me out..."

Xia Pingan and Guo Wei came on behalf of the Military Management Committee. Now the clues of the killings at the Gao Family mine are placed in front of Director Xu. The perpetrators have recruited them. If Director Xu doesn’t say anything, he will let the Gao Family sisters mess around here. , Then he, the chief of the police, is probably going to end up.

If there is anything going on in Gao Family's mine, send the police to investigate and find out.

The table in the Conference Hall still makes noise no matter what is happening in the Conference Hall.

"At this time, things in the mine are just trivial things. If you lose a little money, you lose a little money. It doesn’t ma

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