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Glorious Summoner Chapter 96

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When Xia Pingan was fusing the beads in it, Guo Wei had already reported the incident to Tang State Feng.

For the people of the Gao Family who died here and the specific case, Tang State Feng only got a little understanding of the situation, but instead he was able to get two world beads so quickly and claimed that he could use the secret technique for Xia Pingan. Looking for clues, Tang State Feng said three words on the phone, "Interesting!", and at the same time instructed Guo Wei to ensure the safety of Xia Pingan.

"Mr. Xia, can I perform the secret technique now?" Director Xu asked as he walked over.

"Sure!" Xia Pingan nodded.

"Can I use an instrument to record the situation when performing the secret technique?" Director Xu asked cautiously.

"The process of performing my secret technique can only be seen but not recorded. After my secret technique is performed, you can record it with the instrument and see if you can find any clues!"

" Ok!"


Returning to the bloody Conference Hall, Director Xu brought in a few police officers who were in charge of the survey and set up the recording in the Conference Hall. The video equipment is ready to record.

At the same time, the women from Gao Family also came boldly.

The corpses in the room were covered with white cloth. Except for the blood stains on the floor, they looked less scary than before.

The two sisters Gao Xin Gaoyue looked at Xia Pingan a little badly. When they saw Xia Pingan, they were just coldly snorted. Instead, He Meiyuan, who provided the beads, gently nodded to Xia Pingan. The other two daughters-in-laws of Gao Family looked a little curious at Xia Pingan, because they had heard of the name Xia Pingan a long time ago.

"Gao Family's world beads, but they are not that easy to deceive. If you can't find a clue, can you give us an explanation?" Gao Yue said hostilely as soon as he saw Xia Pingan .

As Gao Yue said, before Xia Pingan spoke, Director Xu’s face suddenly turned dark. Just now, he and Xia Pingan patted their chests and said that it’s okay to integrate the beads. This woman What do you mean by that? Is it necessary for Xia Pingan to give them back the world beads, then what did you become?

"Ms. Gao, Mr. Xia came here to help because of official duties. Mr. Xia is willing to use the secret technique to find clues to give me the face of this Xu. He doesn't need to be responsible to anyone, but change to something else. Locally, you may not be able to invite a summoner like Mr. Xia to take action with two bounding beads." Director Xu couldn't help but said to Gao Yue with a cold face.

"My father just passed away, do you treat me Gao Family like this?" Gao Yue was about to cry again, began to sob, and looked at Director Xu with dissatisfaction, "Director Xu came to me before When Family

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