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Glorious Summoner Chapter 93

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"You slut, what are you talking about, where there is no Gao Family where you are today, there is no good thing in your family!"

Gao Both sisters Xin and Gao Yue were angry, and they were going crazy with anger.

"No matter how cheap I am, I didn’t do anything I’m sorry for my own man. It’s just the mess of your two sisters, who doesn’t know. That’s why Liu Qirong and Mu Qingchen did a tortoise and still pretended to be confused by others. I don’t know. Hundreds of years ago, you two sisters were going to be caught and immersed in a pig cage..."

So, the living room is in chaos again, and Gao Xin He took something to smash He Meiyuan again, when he was stopped by He Meiyuan's eldest son...

The policemen who came to take the transcript also looked at each other and silently ate melons next to them.

There is no decent cover for the wealthy family, those bad things are simply unbearable to look at.

When Gao Peng held up the two of them, the Gao Family seemed to be very friendly. Director Xu had also been a guest at Gao Family before, didn’t expect that when something happened to Gao Family, the man left, the woman below Became like this.

Director Xu sighed in his heart, and finally coughed twice before walking into the living room.

"The chief..." When the policemen in the living room saw Xu Zheng walking into the living room, they immediately cheered up.

The women who were arguing saw Director Xu coming in, and they also converged a little.

"Everyone, I have something to discuss with you at this moment, or let the children go to their respective rooms to rest first..." Director Xu said.

Director Xu still has several points of majesty in front of these women in Gao Family. When those women heard Director Xu say this, they seemed to feel that it was not good for the children in the family to mix in with these things, so they all Let your child go back to the room.

Director Xu also asked several police officers to go out first, and when the atmosphere in the living room eased a little, the women sat aside, each panting with rage, and turned their heads to ignore each other. Director Xu was in the living room. Speak out what you came from.

The women of Gao Family were shocked when they heard it.

"Director Xu, you said that the Legion priest of 87 Legion said that he had a secret technique to know what happened in the Conference Hall at that time, and could he find the murderer?" Gao Xin asked immediately.

"It’s not that the murderer can be found. The secret technique can restore the details of some of the things that happened in this room at that time. It will help us find the murderer and clues. It will help solve the case. If you still have Jiezhu, you can take it out and let people have a try..." Director Xu explained.

"What secret technique is so powerful?

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