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Glorious Summoner Chapter 99

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Xia Pingan's spirit was shocked when he saw this world bead. He had seen the information about this world bead before. This world bead is the key to summoner mastering the Water Element Summoning Spell method. One of the world beads, the Summoning Spell of Water Element is just like water, ever-changing, the use of magic, exists in one's heart, its foundation is this world beads.

The death rate of this fusion ball is very low, but the success rate is very high, so this ball is very popular among summoners, and it is one of the most sought-after hot ball.

It's just since ancient times. I haven't heard of the perfect fusion of this Dayu pearl.

Let go of this world bead, and then pick up the gray world bead and look at it. The expression on Xia Pingan’s face is a little bit whether I should cry or laugh. The gray world bead, unexpectedly It's a "reversal blow", Summon's slave soldier, he has already merged.

This "reversal strike" world pearl is useless to him, and can only be kept for later processing.

After reading the world beads, Xia Pingan took the other smaller box and opened it.

The box opens, and inside is a pure gold badge in the shape of a five-pointed star.

Under the pure gold badge, the words 87 Legion are written, and in the middle of the badge is a logo of crossed swords sandwiching the requiem flag. This badge is the logo of the 87 Legion Legion priest.

As long as you wear it, anyone who sees it will know that this is the Legion priest of 87Legion.

I have experienced a lot today, and there should be no other things now. Xia Pingan thought for a while, and simply took out the bead of Dayu's water control and began to merge.


In the sky, thunder was like a dragon, piercing through the sky, and heavy rain, like rivers and lakes leaking from the sky, Xia Pingan opened her eyes and found herself standing on a building On the top of the mountain, the whole body has been wet, and the world under the mountain is already a country. As far as you can see, it is rainy and foggy, and there is a vast ocean and floods everywhere.

Countless young Chinese, standing behind them in darkness, from the top of the mountain to the top of the mountain, I don't know how many people are there, each with a sad and desperate face.

In addition to the Chinese youths, there are giants standing behind them. The expressions on the faces of those giants are also desperate.

Besides the giants, there are countless strange and weird beasts controlled by people on the mountain.

In that silence, there was a little movement under the mountain.

In the vast ocean of Zeguo, there is a person standing on the back of an ox-like beast, not afraid of the vast ocean, cutting through the waves, crossing the water directly from a distance Here, when he came to the bottom of the mounta

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