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Glorious Summoner Chapter 95

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Xia Pingan opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the big bed. What he smelled in his nose was medicinal smell of thick grass. The big bed was in the middle of a Chinese house. The tents are beautiful and luxurious, rich and luxurious.

Beside the big bed, a few beautiful maidservants stood by the bed, blowing the thick soup medicine they just brought, while a few waiters stood at the door of the house, moving towards here with worried eyes from time to time Look over.

"cough cough..."

I glanced around, and the lungs twitched, Xia Pingan coughed violently, and waited on the beautiful maids in front of the bed. Stepping forward, stroking his chest and patting his back again, there was a rush of turmoil.

"Master, please take medicine..." A beautiful servant girl knelt on the bed, raising the medicine bowl on her hand, and another servant girl holding a silver spoon, blowing gently, and tried it Test the temperature and want Xia Pingan to take medicine.

"Put the medicine, you should withdraw first..." Coughing stopped, Xia Pingan raised his hand, and saw the age spots on his hand. He smiled bitterly, and he probably understood that he was at this moment in his mind. The status is up.

This is when Guan Zhong was seriously ill in bed in his later years and was about to pass away.

According to Jiezhu's urinary sex, probably Qi Henggong will be coming soon.

Sure enough, just as the beautiful maidservants who were serving in front of the bed stepped back, an official-looking person hurriedly approached, "Xiangguo, the king came to see you..."

"Help me up..."

When the officials were helping Xia Pingan to get up, Qi Henggong, who was wearing a purple robe and long beard, had strode into the house and saw Xia Pingan. To get up from the bed, Qi Henggong hurried over, picked up the pillows and bedding on the bed, let Xia Pingan lean on it, and asked with concern, "Father Zhong is better..."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to eat Next year's new wheat..." Xia Pingan gasped, and then looked at the man in front of him, this man, Qi Henggong, the head of the Spring and Autumn Five Hades.

It is said that Qi Henggong was purple clothed in his old age, and it is true.

History is like joking. At this moment, Qi Henggong, purple robe added, high-spirited and vigorous, hegemonic achievement, let the princes of the world awe, who can think that the ending of such an overlord turned out to be starved to death, And the corpse was left unattended after sixty-seven days, until the maggot crawled out of the palace wall, and the people outside knew he was dead.

Successful Dominance is the overlord of the generation because of the use of people, and the miserable death is also because of the use of people.

Xia Pingan was a little sigh, and admired Guan Zhong's vision and talents in he

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