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Glorious Summoner Chapter 98

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When Xia Pingan and Guo Wei left Gao Family Manor, there were twice as many police cars parked outside Gao Family Manor.

A team of special police came!

Before it was a survey site, now it has become a search.

Even if he is acting, Director Xu is impossible to be completely indifferent to what he sees and hears in the Conference Hall.

In addition to Gao Family Manor, Chief Xu has sent a team of police officers to Gao Family’s mine to investigate and collect evidence. Once the mine can be verified, it will be clear whether other things are true or false. ……

The law of the Great Yan Nation does stipulate that the summoner and awakened's spell abilities cannot be used as valid court evidence, such as mind reading like awakened, but the law of the Great Yan Nation does not stipulate the summoner and awakened. The spell ability cannot be used as an effective clue to let people solve the case.

"A wealthy family like Gao Family is really hard to look at after opening the lid. Didn't expect it will be so rotten, dirty and unscrupulous..." Guo Youyi was driving the car, while quietly looking at it. Looking at Xia Pingan in the co-pilot position, there was a trace of awe in Xia Pingan's heart. The secret technique that made the table talk was really shocking. No amount of tanks and artillery can match that kind of ability.

It’s just such a small secret technique, which almost completely destroyed the contacts and relationships that Gao Family had operated in Yizhou Province for several decades, and completely drove Gao Family into the abyss. This is also a tank and artillery. Things that can't be done.

Before, there may be people who regretted what happened to Gao Family and wanted to be held accountable. Now, everyone who has a relationship with Gao Family should be busy preparing to completely separate from Gao Family. Just now at the Conference. There are quite a few police officers in the Hall. Including Director Xu, everything that happened in the Conference Hall cannot be kept secret at all. It is estimated that it will spread throughout Yizhou Province soon.

Concealing the mine disaster and killing people in the mine, these two things may not push the entire Gao Family into the abyss, but the summoner of the murder order committee traded with the eyes of the devil, among these four things The latter two are definitely taboos. Any of them can make Gao Family consigned to eternal damnation. Gao Family is completely dead in the officialdom of Yizhou Province. No one wants to have anything to do with Gao Family anymore.

Just, what exactly is the "that thing" Gao Family mentioned in the Conference Hall just now? Why did Mu Qingchen say that "killing one is also killing two"? It seems that there are other summoners involved in Gao Family’s "that incident", but I don’t know who was involve

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