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Glorious Summoner Chapter 87

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In the "Emergency Conscription Notice" issued by the Yizhou Provincial Military Management Committee, in addition to reporting on the reserves, retired soldiers and militias in Yizhou Adult men over eight years old, under thirty-five years old, unmarried, and without disabilities, should report to the military management committee's recruitment point after receiving notice.

The breath revealed in the "Emergency Conscription Notice" makes people feel great pressure.

This kind of conscription is the rhythm of preparing for the whole people. If Yizhou province is really mobilized like this, it is estimated that it can easily arm hundreds of thousands of troops.

Under the current circumstances, ordinary persons have been given a lot of signs. As a summoner, let alone, it is absolutely impossible to be idle.

After reading this message, Xia Pingan digested it for a few seconds, and then dialed Xia Ning’s phone with a little nervousness. He wanted to call yesterday, but just endured it for fear of beating the grass to Scare the snake, if Xia Ning's phone is monitored and he dials it, it is equivalent to telling Gao Family and Mu Qingchen that he is still alive.

Today is different.

Quick answer...Quick answer...Quick answer...

Xia Pingan meditated in her heart that the ringtone on the phone usually doesn’t sound much, but at this time the ringtones often After ringing for a second, Xia Pingan's heart beats more violently, as if he was about to jump out of his chest, making this call was more nervous than when he went out last night.

Finally, after waiting for more than ten seconds, the call was connected, and a familiar voice came over there, "Hey..."

This voice is like a natural sound. , So that Xia Pingan felt a little collapsed all at once.

In just over ten seconds, Xia Pingan realized that there was already a layer of cold sweat on her back unconsciously.

"Xia Ning, it's me..."

"Brother..." Xia Ning screamed in surprise on the phone, and then came the cry of weeping. Then the cries faded slightly, "Brother, Sister An Qing and Sister Lingshan said that you lost contact after you went out on the 14th to perform the task. Yesterday, I couldn't get through when I called you. I'm worried about you..."

"Lingshan and An Qing, are you with them?"

"Well, yeah, I am with sister An Qing and Ling Shan now..."

Phone The voice from here made Xia Pingan finally let out a long sigh of relief……


At the same time, on the streets of Xianghe City……

An SUV with a special pass of the Military Control Commission is driving on a somewhat messy street. In the street, can be seen everywhere soldiers and military vehicles with live ammunition.

The one who drove this car was Tu Po prisoner, and Fang Lingshan was sitting in the position of the co-pilot.

Xia Ning sits

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