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Glorious Summoner Chapter 90

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On the streets of Xinchuan City, the gray-green painted tanks and armored vehicles parked on the street are a bit eye-catching.

At the key roads at the bridgeheads of the street, you can also see the sandbags, barbed wire, triangles and the like that were used for fortifications are still there. Some soldiers are building permanent bunkers on the street. And defense facilities.

Cars of garbage trucks, trucks, excavators and cranes are clearing the ruins on the street. The order of the whole city has been restored compared to yesterday, but the tense atmosphere is still there.

There are long lines at the gate of the bank, the material distribution point and the conscription office.

Soldiers and staff with red armbands from the Military Control Commission can be seen everywhere on the street.

The two permanent Space Cracks in the center of Xinchuan and Southwest have become a military restricted area within one square kilometer. The residents who originally lived there have all moved away. The engineering unit of 87 Legion The two places have been surrounded, and permanent fortifications and various military installations are being built in full swing to surround the two permanent Space Cracks.

In the entire city, military vehicles transporting quick-drying cement and various military materials lined up to the two military restricted areas.

The residents living near the restricted area are also trying to move.

"...The Military Control Commission compulsorily requisitioned the vacant houses in this city according to the wartime law and distributed them to the citizens who lost their homes in natural disasters. Many people who originally wanted to rent houses can now move in. Living in the city is free, so the order in the city is restored relatively quickly. Food is received for free per person, once a week. There is already a limit for cash and banknotes..."

"Eternal fortifications should also be established in the urban area. ?"

"Yes, the permanent fortifications in the urban area play a very important role in the face of space invasion. They are better than nothing, and can greatly reduce the casualties of our soldiers..."

In the military vehicle, Staff Officer Guo, who was driving, saw Xia Pingan's eyes on the road outside, and took the initiative to introduce Xia Pingan to the city. "By the way, I have no self. Introduction, my name is Guo Wei, 87 Legion’s staff, speaking of which we are still a fellow, and I am also from Xianghe!"

"Fortunately, since I am a fellow, I would like to ask Staff Guo for advice in the future!" Xia Pingan Said with Guo Shen with a smile.

The eyes of Staff Officer Guo’s round glasses are very bright. When he laughed, he was very gentle, “You’re welcome. In 87 Legion, there are staff like me everywhere. In the army, the staff are not I ta

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