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Glorious Summoner Chapter 89

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"General, the requiem ceremony has been completed..." Xia Pingan, who put away the requiem banner, came to Tang State Wind, without a hint of pride on her face, but a little Speaking apologetically, "It's a pity that I was not in Xinchuan at the time and couldn't fight with them. They were the best soldiers in this country. They sacrificed their lives for the country. If possible, please extend my condolences to the families of these soldiers! "

Until this time, General Tang State Wind looked at Xia Pingan again with a vision he hadn't had before, nodded his head lightly, and asked slowly, "You call... Xia Pingan!"

"Yes!" Xia Pingan nodded.

"Where is the person?"

"Xianghe people!"

"There is still who at home?"

"There is another one at home The younger sister is called Xia Ning!"

"Your name is Xia Pingan, and your younger sister is called Xia Ning. It is easy to remember that you got your name. It seems that you have become a summoner not too long ago?"


"Well, just a few months!"

"I heard that you are still performing Subduing Demon Guard's assignment on the 14th. How is the mission accomplished?"

"Yes, the task is to track a fugitive in the mountains. Because of the catastrophe, the forest was on fire. I was separated from a few team members and the task was not completed. I had to return to the province to report and kill a few magic rats along the way. With a magic fire spider!" Xia Pingan replied calmly, not panicking at all.

General Tang State Feng nodded, and did not continue to question the "small matter" of Xia Pingan's mission. For people of his status, what he cares about is the large and small of Yizhou Province. The safety of the tens of millions of people in dozens of cities and the state of the army under his hands, just those problems, just want to get a general understanding of the situation of Xia Pingan, this is his information point for remembering and judging a person.

"Do you have any personal demands and goals for reporting this time?"

After a few calm questions, Tang State Feng finally asked Xia Pingan a key question .

"I want to earn a hundred military merit points in Subduing Demon Guard, and fight for a chance for my younger sister!" Xia Pingan said directly, without hiding the least.

"100 military merit points, I understand, apart from this, what are the requirements!"

"As a summoner, of course I want to get more world beads, and the world beads are summoner Naturally, I am no exception to the source of strength!"

Looking at Xia Pingan speaking candidly, Tang State Feng listened to nodded, turned his head and looked towards a few officers standing not far away, and shouted, "Counsel Guo, come here!"

A major officer strode over immediately and saluted Tang State Feng.

"87 Legion the past few days how many space inv

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