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Glorious Summoner Chapter 86

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When the world of the Cangjie World Pearl shattered, Xia Pingan's consciousness returned to the temple of the secret mandala of summoner.

The temple has changed a lot, and Xia Pingan was shocked. It expanded more than ten times, and suddenly became very magnificent...

All around the temple, appeared A circle of huge golden reliefs with a height of seventy-eighty meters and several hundred meters in length. The reliefs are composed of countless primitive square Chinese characters. Those square Chinese characters accumulate together, and the limit is a golden mountain, covering the entire core area of ​​the temple. Surrounded.

The bottom of the golden relief is Suirenshi. The sculptures behind Youchao and Shennong are the scene of Cangjie making characters on the Phoenix Phoenix stage.

Cangjie in the relief, sitting cross-legged on the Phoenix platform, holding a jade cone in his hand, is carving the characters he created on the stone, and then the Yellow Emperor summoned the wise men of the tribes of Nine Provinces to come to Phoenix Taiwan learns those words.

When the leaders of the various tribes of Nine Provinces came to the Phoenix station to learn those characters, the natural phenomenon of "Heavenly rain and gold, the dragon hides the ghosts crying" appeared on the Phoenix station. All those who came to learn the characters The chief of the tribe Gu was shocked.

"Gaiji" says: "Jie has sacred virtues, born to be able to write. And Changdeng Yangxu Mountain, facing the water of Yuanhu, the negative tortoise picture comes from the water, Cangdi accepts it, Then I investigated the changes of Heaven and Earth, looked up at the Kuixingyuan song, looked down at the spirits of the tortoise, scriptures and birds, and created the words with the palms of the palms, creating six books. The book becomes a dragon and hides ghosts crying, because there are words to scare people. Also. The sky is Yusu Yujin, with its shallow Heaven and Earth secrets".

The Chinese characters created by Cangjie, the incarnation of Xia Pingan, all appear on the bronze relief, a total of 86,699, all written in small seals, and the traditional characters are the Great Accomplishment Realm of Chinese characters.

The essence of Chinese characters is that a character is like a painting. On a two-dimensional interface, it is created with pictograms, fingerings, knowing, pictophones, transannotations, and fake borrowings. Almost every character is Represents a philosophical and cognitive mode of thinking in the universe.

Xia Pingan doesn’t know how many characters Cangjie created in the first place, but he has created all the Chinese characters he knows. The characters that Xia Pingan created are actually not completely Cangjie created the most mature and complete Chinese character system while inheriting the essence of

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