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Glorious Summoner Chapter 92

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It is difficult to perform secret technique, and it is not impossible to use it at all.

Director Xu keenly grasped the hidden meaning of Xia Pingan's words.

This case is so difficult, Director Xu will naturally not let the hope of seeing disappear in the front of one's eyes.

As soon as Xia Pingan finished speaking, he hurriedly asked, "I don't know how Mr. Xia can use the secret technique again? It's better to say it, everyone think of a way, maybe the police can solve it! After all! The impact of this case is too bad. As long as it helps to solve the case, we should try our best!"

"As long as these two conditions are met, I can use the secret again. For technique, one condition is to wait for a few months. During these months, let everything in this room remain as it is. Don’t move everything in the room, including the dead bodies, until my divine force and injuries recover. , The mandala is stabilized, and if there are no other changes, the secret technique can be performed!"

A few months? I really have to wait for a few months. The corpses in this room are probably going to be maggots. Not to mention that the police can't do this, even the Gao Family people will not agree to let these corpses stay here for a few months.

Moreover, who knows where Xia Pingan will be in a few months? Will there be any quest or injury or not enough divine force? Priest Legion is not an idler who has nothing to do...

This condition is obviously impossible.

Director Xu almost got angry, but Xia Pingan's identity is here, and he didn't dare to get angry at Xia Pingan.

"This, what is the second condition?" Director Xu asked carefully.

"The second condition is very simple. If there are one or two divine force world beads or other world beads, I can add some divine force after fusion and stabilize the mandala, and then I can use the secret technique!"


"Ah, do you need one or two boundary beads?" Director Xu confirmed.

Xia Pingan nodded, "Well, the success rate of a boundary bead fusion may not be high, and the provided divine force may not be enough. Two boundary beads are more stable. If three are absolutely feasible ......"

Director Xu is dumbfounded, he really doesn’t have this thing, at least now he can’t get it out, it’s a hugely valuable luxury item for an ordinary person, and many people may have never seen it before. .

However, he didn't, which doesn't mean Gao Family didn't...

Director Xu thought of a solution in a blink of an eye.

"Well, can I find the real murderer if I have Jiezhu?" Director Xu wanted to make a final confirmation.

"I didn’t say that the real culprit could be found with the Boundary Bead. My secret technique can only restore the details of some of the things that happened in this room at that time. Can you find the true culprit onl

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