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Glorious Summoner Chapter 88

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I don’t know if this magic fire spider is an alien creature. The magic fire spider that has been dead for a few days, even if it is soaked in water, the body is not corrupt at all. The entire body of the Demon Fire Spider was like cement. After turning black, it showed a weird tendency to harden, stiff.

Although it is a corpse, the fierce face of the Demon Fire Spider is still very scary.

Xia Pingan first jumped into the sand in the river and rolled twice, making himself look a little embarrassed, and then he cut off the huge head of the magic fire spider a little bit When he came down, he carried the ugly and hideous head of the seventy-eighty kg demon fire spider, and walked along the river bank, moved towards the nearest town.

Half an hour later, Xia Pingan got out of the reeds by the river and shocked a few soldiers who were guarding the roadside.

The soldiers with guns saw that Xia Pingan came out with the head of a magic fire spider alone, and they were all stunned.

"Who you are?" The muzzles in the hands of several fighters have been aimed at Xia Pingan. The appearance of Xia Pingan is really scary. Xia Pingan grinned at the soldiers and bared his white teeth, "I am summoner Xia Pingan from the Magic Camp in Yizhou Town. I just returned from my mission. By the way, I'm going to report on how the Military Control Committee is going!"


At noon, Xia Pingan changed into a clean military camouflage uniform with no military rank, sat on a military off-road vehicle, passed through half of Xinchuan city, and was under military control. An officer of the committee was sent to the Xinchuan Gymnasium.

The huge Xinchuan Gymnasium is the iconic building of this city. It is shaped like a huge shell. It is the largest single building in Xinchuan City. At this moment, the stadium and surrounding squares have been Requisitioned by the military, it became a huge barracks.

Around the stadium, there are war chariot tanks and to-and-fro busy fighters everywhere, and the atmosphere is deadly.

Xia Pingan was actually a little dazed. He originally just wanted to return to the team and earn another 10 military points, but he just reported on the Military Management Committee. After taking a shower and changing his outfit, a major The officer appeared in front of him and said that General Tang State Feng wanted to see him, and then brought Xia Pingan here.

Yizhou Province is now under military control. General Tang State Feng is the chairman of the Military Control Committee. He is the most powerful person in Yizhou Province. Xia Pingan has some doubts in his mind. I don’t know why Tang State Feng wants to meet. Yourself.

I am just a summoner who has just debuted, and his reputation is not obvious. In the eyes of people like Tang State, he shouldn't be a particularly scarce talent, righ

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