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Glorious Summoner Chapter 91

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The big house of Gao Family was noisy, a group of people were noisy, crying, and beaten up. Director Xu did not bring Xia Pingan to the living room to join in the fun. Instead, he bypassed the living room of the mansion, went upstairs, walked through a long walkway, and came directly to the outside of the Conference Hall on the second floor of the high patriarch house.

"This is the scene of the crime. Nothing inside has been moved. Well, the scene inside is a bit bloody, it's better to be mentally prepared..." Director Xu also reminded.

Speaking bloody to a summoner who has dealt with Demon Eye? I'm afraid that Director Xu has never seen the sacrifice scene of Devil's Eye with his own eyes!

Furthermore, Xia Pingan has already seen the so-called blood.

Xia Pingan thought to himself.

Gao Family’s Conference Hall is very interesting in design. The Conference Hall is located in the middle of the second floor mansion. The entire Conference Hall has no windows that can be seen outside. Only one of the Conference Halls has a wall with windows. , Is moved towards the courtyard inside the big house, it is impossible to be eavesdropped by outsiders.

As soon as you enter the conference hall, you can see Mu Qingchen sitting in a wheelchair by the window, with staring eyes and horror, his heart is pierced by a sharp weapon, and all of his body is full of blood.

The window behind Mu Qingchen has shattered, and the glass is scattered on the floor of the Conference Hall.

The conference hall was very bloody, with seven corpses sitting or lying down in the conference hall.

In the conference hall, there is a large conference table, and the bodies are scattered all over the conference hall, but they have not left the conference table too far.

Director Xu said that it was bloody, but it was actually a bit bloody. Seven men died and the blood ran away. The entire Conference Hall was sprinkled with thirty-forty kg of blood.

On one of the walls of the Conference Hall, there is a pattern of Devil’s Eye painted with blood, which makes people feel chilly.

This scene is not pleasant.

"This person is Gao Family’s son-in-law Mu Qingchen. Mu Qingchen is a well-known summoner in Yizhou Province. He was injured and recuperated at home. There is no trace of Mu Qingchen fighting with others in the Conference Hall. He was close to the window, and the murderer entered through the broken window. He should be the first to be killed. He was hit in the heart and was directly penetrated. The murderer was very agile. He should be a professional veteran..." Director Xu pointed Mu Qingchen's body was introduced to Xia Pingan and Guo Wei.

"Mu Qingchen was killed before he could use the summoner. It should be the first to die. Judging from the wound, the murderer used a very sharp sword, a critical strik

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