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The Holy War(20)

Count Vitokin had never dreamed that an arrogant giant thing would appear on the battlefield among the two armies. Such a strange thing doesn’t happen even in legends. He certainly did not think it was actually a masterpiece of Brendel. As early as the night before, Brendel had already planted a large number of Disintegration Crystals on several seal nodes in the underground temple site. As soon as the time came, the seal would explode automatically. And Adega the Rager, which was the huge storm that was on the battlefield, would naturally come out.

Adega the Rager, was level 71 in the game. According to the power recognition in Vaunte universal, he was at the late stage of Peak of Laws and had reached the peak. It was just that his power had weakened after being sealed. Since this guy was called the “Rager”, his temper was naturally not good. Due to the contract (Tiamat code) made by Lord Marsha and the four elven kings, Elemental Beings were naturally sensitive to the change of law. So Adega even more so hated when someone displayed the law and magic in front of him.

That was why Ciel had never fought back until now. As a veteran player, Brendel would never make such a low-level mistake. But, the Northern Coalition Army was not so lucky. Garlock the Wanderer felt something off the moment he made a move. He was at level 65 at the beginning of the game, which was considered as powerful under Elemental Enlightenment. Strong players at his level were very sensitive to danger and hostility. He immediately sensed the hostility that Adega had towards him.

Adega was like a huge cloud hovering over the battlefield with a diameter of more than several hundred meters. Grey clouds were rolling nonstop around his body, releasing a couple of flashes of lightning from time to time. Everyone had to look up to see his full appearance. There were two huge whirlpools of lightning where his eyes were supposed to be, looking just like balls of electricity.

As soon as the giant thing appeared, the soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army immediately cried out, “Heavens, it’s a monster!”

“Nonsense. That is an Elemental Being! ”

“So big!”

There were more than a few people who turned around and ran. Adega did not care much about them. A soft sound was heard and a golden arc of thunder flew towards Garlock the Wanderer on the battlefield.

The old Mage was frightened pale. Even the weakest Elemental Beings are much stronger than the average human. Not to mention this being had been sleeping for many years yet was still stronger than him. He quickly raised his right hand and shouted, “The law, block it!”

A transparent hexagon shield appeared above him, each side of it just colliding with and blocking an electric arc. The arc immediately scattered into several electric snakes.

Adega did not expect that the human below would actually have some abilities. Of course it was also because of the decline of

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