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The Card that he just threw out was the Death Sentinels of the Paradise of Adversity. The cost of using this Card was 15 Dark EP and the speciality of it was that it could be used an unlimited number of times on the battlefield. Each Card will deploy ten Death Sentinels while every dead corpse on the battlefield will turn into a Death Sentinel too.

Brendel had considered this for a long time. The only place this Card can truly shine is on the battlefield.

It was meant to take the spotlight here.

He used 15 Dark EP, draining his Element Pool down to 11/30. But in that instant, a magnificent display was shown on the battlefield.

At this moment on the Mar Highlands, there were thousands of corpses on the battlefield. When the Death Sentinels entered the battlefield, countless dark arms broke out of the slippery mud.




Soldiers from both the Northern Coalition and princess’s side screamed. Some of them were even veterans from the First War of the Black Roses and were very familiar with Madara’s ruthless combat style. It was a nightmare for them to see their dead comrades rise from the dead against them.

Didn’t the two countries sign a peace agreement? Why are those horrible guys coming again?

It was only at the next moment they realized that this was not their old enemy. Upon their sudden appearance, they quickly attacked the Northern Coalition Forces with their wrinkled skin, their bodies clad in heavy armor, and double-handed swords.

They’re our allies? After being frozen for a while, Princess Gryphine realized something. Her silver eyes hovered across to Brendel, and she said, “Bren…Mr. Brendel, this…these all are…”

“You…you are a Necromancer?”

Brendel smiled bitterly. As a matter of fact, he had always placed this Card at the back of his deck for this reason. This summoning effect was too similar to that of a Necromancer.

He shook his head and asked, “Your Highness, have you ever seen a living Necromancer?”

She seemed to think about something subconsciously due to that sentence; she blushed immediately and touched her lower lips. Everybody knows that Necromancers have no body temperature. “Sorry…I’m overthinking,” Princess Gryphine hummed.

Brendel instantly rolled his eyes.

It seems like the Necromancers have a bad reputation in this world, so I should try to limit its use. In order to avoid further misunderstanding, he explained, “It was actually their work.”


Both Princess Gryphine and Count Audine had seen the beetles around Brendel. Of course, they did not know it was a Nightmare Forge. There were no sightings of them in Vaunte ever before, and even Brendel who knew a lot about magical creatures could not recognize it at first, not to mention these two natives.

“Yes.” Brendel said, “This is called an Undead Beetle, and they’re invented by a high leveled Runemaster. Although it’s a Structural Creature, it cou

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