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The Abyss(10)

“I am fully aware of this, Your Highness, but please listen to me. I would not joke with my life. But I have a plan, maybe we can give it a try.” Brendel said in a tone unique to players eager to try anything. Princess Gryphine looked at him with a frown, “Really?”

The half-elf princess’s suspicious expression was adorable in Brendel’s eyes, it was a girly behavior she rarely displayed. He nodded, “Of course, if we can sneak around right under the nose of Jorgendy Ridge, why don’t we find a way to tear down the Door of Flame?”

“But first let’s not decide whether or not we can destroy the Door of Flame. How are you so convinced that they can really lead us to evade detection from Jorgendy Ridge’s armies? Mr. Brendel, they are witches, best at deceiving people with their words.” The princess did not hide her wariness in the slightest, only this time she was on Brendel’s side, her bright silver eyes saying that she did not want Brendel to be in danger.

“Your Highness the Princess of Covardo, I became a witch when your grandfather Old Oberg was still on the throne. The witches know that their words will be overheard by the ravens, so they are careful with their words, compared to the nobles who have their mouths full of honeyed daggers, and yet you still trust them so.” Babasha chortled, laughing like an old crow, and replied in a husky voice.

“Bold citizen of darkness, who allowed you to utter the name of the former king so casually!” Her Highness coldly reproached, and with a soft clang, the narrow and bright blade of her sword trembled faintly in the darkness.

Brendel hurried to stop her hand, “Babasha.”

“It was a slip of the tongue, my lord.” The old witch glanced at Princess Gryphine with eyes so grim that they lost their luster like wooden beads.

“Babasha, the princess is not wrong. You witches are the best at trickery, and while you never lie, you always leave the back door open. I want you to swear to the Goddess of the Pillar of Hell, not to betray me, can you do that?” Brendel, with one hand suppressing Princess Gryphine’s hand turned back and asked coldly.

Babasa bowed deeply and said, somewhat reverently, “The Lord really does know everything. We will swear to the Goddess of the Pillar of Hell that we shall not betray our lord, Lord of Trentheim, Brendel, our master, and if we do, let Dias drag us into the abyss.”

Princess Gryphine watched as Babasha put her hand to her heart; she had heard of the witch’s vow vaguely. However, she realized that this vow seemed extremely frightening to the witch, and at the last sentence, the old witch even trembled slightly. She knew very little about witches, and found it hard to believe that these cunning women would take an oath so seriously, for which she looked at Brendel inexplicably.

The silvery eyes appeared to be looking for an answer.

“Rest assured, Your Highness, now they won’t cheat on us.” Brendel took advantage of h

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