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Romaine squatted amongst the ruins, hugging her knees to her chest. Occasionally, she would crane her slender neck, her brown eyes scanning the area. Only when she found that there were no soldiers outside did she make her move. She stood up, brushing off the dust on her skirt.

She let out a long sigh before asking, “Big sister, this is the Holy Cathedral I was talking about, but Brendel doesn’t seem to be here.”

The aforementioned ‘big sister’ was actually a female spirit. Her upper body was that of a charming woman, with her most eye-catching feature being her pair of pointed ears. Her true nature as a spirit, however, was exposed by her lower half, which was an opaque swirl of dust and wind.

In the leather pages of the Book of Witchcraft, she was known as a Contract Spirit. The Queen of Witches had the power to form contracts with any Contract Spirits, but she took pity on White Mist, ‘the Queen of the North Wind’. White Mist was the keeper of knowledge at a glacier, so the Queen of Ice decided to leave her to Romaine, hoping that she would guide the young merchant.

White Mist was a beautiful girl; however, her eyes were like those of a dead fish, purposeless and dull. She glanced at Romaine, then answered lifelessly, “Fate is everywhere around you. Normal people can detect its direction, but they cannot perceive its shape or form.”

“I feel that Brendel should be there. Are the results of divination reliable, big sister?” Romaine could not contain her curiosity.

“Divination is the same as rhetoric. It’s real if you believe it is, and it’s not if you decide to think otherwise.”

Romaine cocked her head to one side, not revealing whether she understood the spirit’s reply. She picked a random direction and walked with a confident. Two steps later, she turned back promptly, picking up a mace from the ruins.

This was a sacred tool used by the priests to exorcise evil spirits. The hilt of the mace was engraved with delicately carved patterns. There was a Light Bomb implanted within the core of the mace. Normally, priests would be very cautious when wielding the weapon, but Romaine did not know about the bomb so she recklessly swung it about, testing its grip and weight. She nodded her head, satisfied with how it felt in her hands.

“You want to use this thing for protection? Wisdom and knowledge would serve you better.” White Mist shook her head with disapproval.

“Indeed I do. I used to have one when I was in Bucce, but Brendel lost it.” Romaine wondered who had picked up that mace after it was left behind.I’m always careful. If it’s not for Brendel, it wouldn’t have been lost!

Elsewhere, Brendel suddenly sneezed.

The two of them were walking through the ruins of Anderla Cathedral when pebbles rolled down from one of the collapsed walls. Out came a person wearing a noble’s clothes, a sword at his hip. His entire body was caked with a layer of dust.

Viscount Benninger narrowed his eyes, waiting for

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