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“Alright, speak. What do you want?” The Faerie snapped, and Brendel smiled in satisfaction because it meant that at least he was halfway to his goal now.

“First thing we need is a place for us to close the deal.” Brendel replied.

“Huh? What’s that?” Tania asked warily. She stared at Brendel suspiciously, “I keep hearing all these new terms pop out of you, but it feels always like you’re plotting something, little fellow from Kardiloso.”

Of course he was plotting something. Brendel would never admit it though, so he shrugged, “That’s not true. You must understand, Aunt Tania, that Ampere Seale after the war is now a crucible of all kinds of people. Especially with the Holy Cathedral of Fire and the northern nobles’ spies in the city closely watching our every move. You know who the forces are behind the northern nobles….”

The Faerie flew up quickly; Brendel’s words had tread upon one of her biggest concerns. She irritatedly flew in a small circle and muttered, “The Holy Cathedral of Fire and Evil Cultists are indeed a problem. Especially the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Although they’re weak, they sure are annoying. Like the buzzing of flies.”

Brendel blushed with shame at her words. The People of Silver were probably the only ones who would dare compare the Holy Cathedral of Fire to flies, but at least the two of them were in agreement with the dislike for the Holy Cathedral of Fire, “Of course, we want to clear them out completely, and give them no reason to stay at Ampere Seale….”

Tania interrupted him before he could finish speaking, “Wait a minute, you want us to help reclaim Ampere Seale?”

It was common knowledge that Ampere Seale was a promised autonomous land to the Holy Cathedral from Aouine’s royal family. In this era, where the rule of religion was growing ever the more powerful, The Holy Cathedral had multiple lands like Ampere Seale under their govern, across the various different kingdoms the Cathedral ruled over. Aouine’s nobles too had been eyeing the rich land of Ampere Seale for quite a while now; it was just that none had been brave enough to make a move, unlike Brendel.

Brendel looked back at Princess Gryphine and saw her staring at him in surprise, her mouth agape. As if she was only now really seeing him for the first time. This is nothing. Brendel thought. It’s just the beginning.

What he wanted was a brand new Aouine, a land that was not at the mercy of anyone—an Aouine that could be the master of its own destiny.

He already had a plan in mind, and he spoke more confidently, “Is that not so? Do you really think that the Azure Lance can leave Aouine easily? Although the Holy Cathedral of Fire doesn’t have the guts to snatch anything away from the Buga Mages, they can still assert that the Azure Lance was unearthed in Aouine. As you know, the Kirrlutz have influence over Aouine too.”

He was not wrong. Because the people of Aouine were also descendants of the Flame

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