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Levin Ornassen Seifer, historically the titular brother of Princess Gryphine.

Compared to his fame before the Aouine’s Civil war, after the war, the name of the king’s eldest son disappeared into obscurity. Some said that he died in the chaos, some said that he became a puppet of Duke Seifer and the Queen, while others said that the princess spared his life and set him free. The historical truths behind the romanticized folk tales felt obvious, yet also surprising..

After Wood’s introduction, Brendel and the princess waited in the vestibule for about a quarter of an hour, during which no one spoke, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the Archbishop pruning trees. No one could fathom why the Ampere Seale’s Archbishop would let a man with such a sensitive identity, the king’s eldest son, appear to the public. It did not seem like a wise thing to do.

The princess did not necessarily want to see her brother, nor was it certain that a man who was their enemy not so long ago would want to help them either. Although it might be possible, it would certainly come with conditions.

Brendel could not guarantee that the princess would be willing to compromise with her enemy. But a moment later, he heard soft footsteps coming from behind the green wall, and everyone turned around and saw a maid leading a noble youth through the wall foliage towards him and the princess.

Although they have never met before, Brendel could tell immediately that this might be that prince from history. The man was not dressed lavishly: a plain military uniform, lavender-colored, with a long cloak that spilled onto the green meadow. Blended into the afternoon sun, he looked like a wealthy knight in places like Braggs, Magitan, or Castle Kurco, and not so much an undefeated crowned prince.

The youth had a sword hanging from his waist, not a fragile unusable sword, but a cavalry sword. The leather on the hilt was so worn out that it didn’t even look like it belonged to the royal family. But this could not be used to determine whether the owner of the sword was an expert swordsman. On that calm and relaxed face was a pair of tightly closed eyes with long lashes hanging softly over his eyelids as if he was asleep – or blind.

The prince was extremely handsome, but he was blind. Clearly, a blind person could not practice swordsmanship and could hardly even be involved in complex conspiracies, let alone becoming Aouine’s king.

Brendel could not help but glance at the princess beside him. The princess looked surprised too. There was a slight hesitation in her eyes, but she still asked, “Brother Levin……your eyes?”

She sounded hesitant and appalled.

“It was just a small incident, it’s no big deal, Gryphine.” Prince Levin looked unconcerned. With a smile on his face, he continued, “But rather, having lost my eyes, I am able to see more clearly, as men are often deceived by what they see.”

He added, “ Gr

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