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The young knight couldn’t help but stare at Romaine, stunned. He almost thought he had misheard her response. He had encountered many peasants and travelers from rural farmlands, and even the most courageous merchants among them had cowered in front of nobles like him. Never had he been on the receiving end of such disrespect.

In reality, Romaine was also staring dazedly at the man in front of her with a wide-open mouth. Since the merchant girl reacted to things slower than most people, she was still trying to think about what had happened and how the man had appeared in front of her.

If she didn’t lack all common sense, she would have thought he had dropped from the sky.

It was only after she turned this ridiculous supposition around in her mind that she asked seriously, “Ah, who are you? Are you looking for Brendel?”

“Brendel?” Filas finally recovered his wits. Unfortunately, as a noble he’s only ever heard of the title Count Trentheim and has no idea who “Brendel” is. He thought for a moment and believed the farm girl had probably been scared stupid by his appearance. So he put on a gentle smile and continued, “No, I am here for you, my beautiful lady. I am Filas, the future heir to the house of Barrano.”

Romaine thought hard for a moment, “Do you know me?”

“No,” Filas’ face darkened when he heard his fiancee let out a burst of involuntary laughter behind him. Ever since he left the Empire, he had never failed to win awe and admiration, but it seemed like he’s met his match today. “… This should be our first encounter, beautiful lady.”

“Ah, I get it.” The merchant girl finally seemed to have figured things out. “You want to buy my wine, right? You know your wine. Romaine has the best wheat wine in all of Trentheim. No, in all of Aouine.” She realized for the first time that this big and stocky knight in front of her was a potential customer, and began her long-winded sales pitch.

“No, please stop.” Even though Filas finally learned the young girl’s name, he had to hurriedly interrupt, “I don’t want to buy your wheat wine.”

“You don’t want to buy the wine–?”


Romaine narrowed her eyes slightly and finally understood the man wasn’t trying to negotiate the price. So she thought for a moment and decided to demonstrate a merchant’s ruthlessness. Without saying another word, she directly walked around the man and continued on her way.

Filas heard the onlookers burst into laughter. Not just the hillbillies, but even the Kirrlutzian knights and Laurenna couldn’t resist laughing. Our young knight felt self-conscious, and he subconsciously wanted to grab at the standard in Romaine’s hands.

“Hold, I tell you!”

Unfortunately, before he could touch the pole of the standard, a beam of silver light shot through the crowd. Despite it all, Filas was still an official knight and recovered at the last second. In a flash, he pulled out the longsword hanging by his waist. With a clang, two glinting lon

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