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*Due to similar terminologies used in the raws, Devils and Demons will be defined in a standardized manner which will lead to changes of some terms. Affected terms: (Old term – New term)

Demon King – Devil King

Demon Lord – Devil Lord

Demon Whale – Devil Whale

Demon Warlock – Devil Warlock

Demon Martial Arts- Devil Martial Arts

Demons will be redefined as Devils in most cases with a few exceptions: Demonic Waves, Eagle Demons etc.

Brendel understood that his goal was to use the effects of the Flash Strike Sword Art to produce a displacement effect, not to kill the enemy. Therefore, he set his sights to aim at opponents who had little combat power, locking down the imps of the devil army from 20-30 meters away, and slicing their heads off in one fell swoop. At the same time, he used the phantom left behind by the Nine Luminaries Sword Art to perform Puncturing Blows.

The devils quickly went haywire.

Not all the devils were inferior and lacking in intelligence; the higher-ranked devils had anticipated Brendel’s path of advance without even needing a sense of judgment. They could think with their knees and would still be able to figure out that the damn human was headed straight for the portal.

They absolutely could not let him get what he wanted. The Longhorn Devils in the back were the first to scream, using the harsh language of the Abyss to call for their companions to stop Brendel.

Unfortunately, it was very much limited in effectiveness. In the words of the Lord of Hell, Lomoka, the inferior devils and Imps were worse than a piece of dog shit. It was vulgar, but quite apt. If they could be so confused by the commands of one of their own kind, there was no way they could take on a teleporting swordsman.

As soon as the devils pulled back, the Lantonilan knights felt the pressure lift.

It was then that most of them had the time to see what was happening on the battlefield. The knights soon saw Brendel’s feat and couldn’t help but let out a cheer in unison.

Babasha was unsurprised by Brendel’s performance, but it was hard not to be proud. Not proud of the Darkness Dragon. but of her own foresight. Though there were plenty of capable witches in the Winter Kingdom, the twelve pure-blooded ones were not even related to her. Who could have had the foresight that she had?

The old witch never even considered that the Darkness Dragon would fail; after all, they were just a bunch of lame and sheep-hoofed devils only. She let out a sharp laugh and reached out to grab an imp, before blinding and deafening it. The knights then took the opportunity to pin it to the ground. In general, humans wouldn’t speak of chivalry when in a fight with devils.

However, Babasha hadn’t expected Brendel to struggle at this moment.

Although the portal was near, he could feel his Stamina and Elemental Points dropping fast. Using Puncturing Blows, Nine Luminaries Sword Art, and Flash

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