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A snowy war horse carrying a messenger was galloping through the rebuilt harbor of Ampere Seale, and it passed through the St. White Square where a war memorial was being built nearby. The vicinity of this war memorial caused quite a commotion.

A flock of white doves took flight in the square; workers by the scaffolding could not help but look back in awe, monks in robes stopped by the fountain to watch, and the ribbon embroidered with the crescent emblem on the messenger shone slightly under the sunlight.

The Royal Messenger.

This was the first time in half a month.

Something big had happened, and everyone’s mind was clouded with suspicion. But only those who knew the truth will understand what has happened.

That person has woken up.

The whole harbor had been in a state of chaos for half a month, but everything has finally come to a stop.


“Really?” Her Highness came to her senses even when the lady officer was still talking. She looked at her attendant who brought her the news; her pretty silver eyes showed her uncontainable excitement, “You wait, I’m going to see him.”

“Your Highness, your appearance needs some fixing first,” the lady officer beside her immediately reminded the princess.

“No need for that”. Without looking back, Gryphine had already hurried out the door with her skirts held up. “Triniyss, prepare the carriage.”

As if in the midst of darkness, Brendel remembered having a long dream. Everything in the dream was both real and vague. He remembered the sawmill where he practiced as a child, but there were many people in the sawmill that he knew and did not know. His grandfather taught him sword art while everyone watched.

At a sudden point, there were scenes of towering buildings and endless streams of cars. His senior was wearing a gray jacket and a thick scarf around her neck. She was reading something in a bookstore on the other side of the pedestrian crossing. He desperately called out her name, but she was completely oblivious.

He dashed across the road, but the scene changed again.

Everything turned dark and the scene transformed into a tranquil shore by the lake. A tower stood on the shore, and a black moon was reflected in the water. Dots of starlight floated in the canopy of the sky. It was as if the lights and the strange dream were signaling something to him.

As Brendel waded alone towards the tower, he saw a chilling shadow of a wolf walking through the forest.

But suddenly, the whole world was shaking again, as if the dream had been removed from his mind. The scenery around him started to collapse. Beams of light broke through the darkness and his eyelids moved slightly. He could sense the faint light outside through the blood vessels under his eyelids.

At that moment, it seemed that his five senses that had been unused for so long resumed their work. He first heard the chirping of birds. It seemed to be a delightful morning, bu

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