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The Holy War(19)

Just as Viscount Finn went silent, the Beale infantry at the valley’s battlefield met with trouble. The light cavalry formed by the Nagas’ Secret Army and Royal Cavalry Academy suddenly appeared beside them. The two armies, Finn Division and Constantine Division, which were initially blocking in front of them, had disappeared all of a sudden. Viscount Von Dougning came to realize that it was a trap.

It was illusion magic.

Finn Division and Constantine Division were caught on the Machenko and Villeko mountains/hills/slopes, their armies didn’t have the guts to cross through the explosion and fire. Brendel had taken this chance to order the Naga mages to create an illusion that these two armies had arrived at the valley’s battlefield by using magic. The illusion was created by using the water molecules in the air to change the light’s reflection. This was already the basics of water elemental magic and the hydrophilic Naga Priesthood were experts in creating illusions using water element. More importantly, Brendel was familiar with the formation of these two armies and he perfectly counterfeited their battle flag and the knight coat of arms, which caused Viscount Von Dougning to be caught in the trap.

Beale’s infantry division were attacking Count Audine’s noble private armies under Viscount Von Dougning’s orders, forming the only protrusion of the Northern Coalition Army. Meanwhile, the Nagas’ Secret Army and Royal Cavalry Academy circled around them, completely surrounding them.

Viscount Von Dougning could only hope that the Finn and Constantine Divisions could appear at the moment to block those two armies. However, the explosion and fire-burning at Machenko and Villeko peaks had lasted for almost five minutes as though the explosive arrows shooted by the archers were free of charge. It formed into a barrier of barrage. He did not even expect the archers to stop shooting due to exhaustion of physical strength. One look and he knew that the opponent had divided the archers into several teams and they rotated in shooting. According to the abilities of the useless two, they were unlikely to appear on the battlefield before the archers ran out of arrows.

The final outcome of the battle was already hard to change.

It was the light infantry of Beale Division’s turn to be attacked. Originally, they had delusions of bypassing the princess to take center stage, but that was shattered because of Brendel’s appearance. The light infantry members were shaken in this moment., Although they still resisted, in such a besieged situation, it was just a matter of time until they eventually collapsed.

The battle in the front line was affecting the entire battlefield. Count Vitokin realized that he had been set up. He could either invest in more troops to rescue the light infantry on the battlefield, but who knew if it was another trap; or to give up on the light infantry and launch a new attack.


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