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That slash was an outcome of the Ultimate Realm’s power, the golden flames all over the sky were as if it brought the hot Elemental Realm to the battlefield’s sky. There were not even 10 people in Ultimate Realm under the entire jurisdiction of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. Each had their own legendary experiences just like the Earth Sword Saint Darius. And no one would proclaim that they were strong enough to bear one strike from them.

Not even Brendel.

But out of a sudden, it stopped midway. Countless Lines of Laws split the raindrops apart, only to be blocked by a white screen that conjured out of nowhere, too fast for any human to perceive it. To them, it was mere fireworks that spread open like a golden chrysanthemum blooming in the rain.

Then the flames dissipated.

For the Laws of Flame and Sublimation to disappear like that, there could only be one reason: it overcame by someone of a higher realm or by a stronger Elemental Power. However, that was the law of the Ultimate Realm, the final realm for the Fire Elemental Power.

Is it the Power of Belief?

Everyone was stunned. But only Brendel knew what was going on.

Amongst all the Laws in Vaunte, the Planeswalker’s system was ranked one of the strongest. No matter how bizarre the descriptions on the Cards of Fates were, those effects would be administered.

The Anrolda’s Divine Ring could render and attack useless once. It does not matter how powerful the attacks are, even if they are powerful enough to destroy the world, Brendel would be unharmed as long as the Card was activated.

It was the strongest shield. And before we mention the others, even Brendel himself was surprised by that power.

But Brendel did not stop, he took the opportunity to summon four Nightmare Forges onto the field when William’s guards were down. These Nightmare Forges broke out of the ground like metallic beetles the size of a human head. These beings at the peak of Iron Rank were not significant beings. However, they had the overpowered ability to replicate themselves by absorbing Light Elements.

With the Light Elements bursting out of Brendel’s hands and injecting into the Nightmare Forges, their numbers quickly grew to thirty two of them.

Brendel’s Element Pool had increased along with his levels: Fire Element 78 Points; Wind Element 51 Points; Earth Element 55 Points; Water Element 48 Points; Light Element 50 Points; Dark Element 30 Points. However, his Nature Element Pool still remained unopened. In the previous battle, he was cautious about using his Planewalker’s ability; he only used a little over 40 Earth Element Points and 1 Wind Element Point to summon the Holy Sword and the Wind Spirit Spiders. He summoned the Grimoire of Life for free by disCarding the Sea Wave Gem. This gem and the Eternal Orb had always been on the battlefield, meaning Brendel’s other Element Pools were still full.

He used up 4 Dark Element Points to summon the

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