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The Abyss(2)

Princess Gryphine nodded firmly, ”I understand, I will send the order for Count Janilasu to continue the pursuit, wipe out the Konolia fleet, and take the port of Ampere in one fell swoop. Mr. Brendel, I will fight for the best interests of both Aouine and its subjects, and I will seriously consider your proposals…”

“I will not allow the tragedy of Lord Darius to happen ever again.”

Knowing that this was a promise, Brendel gave the princess a serious bow. Her Highness turned to leave when Brendel heard Orthylss say in his mind gently, “This princess is really good at this, you little fool must have been really touched by her.”

“No, but I felt some warmth,” Brendel replied.

“So you are really a little fool, you have shown enough power in the previous battles to prove that you are the only one she can rely on and is her biggest helper. You know very well that this is not your full power, but she does not think so. Her serious consideration for you is just more than a means for the Royal Family to win hearts and minds.” Orthylss said to him seriously.

Brendel laughed lightly, but his heart was touched. He knew that Orthylss was just reminding himself to prevent him from losing out. “Thank you, Miss Orthylss.”

“Hmph, good that you know.” Orthylss said, “I’ve seen a lot of fights, and I’ll admit that the little girl is still pure-hearted. But the future still remains unknown to anyone; you’ve got to keep an eye out.”

“Certainly,” Orthylss felt more and more like his own sister to Brendel, and that only a close relative would be so patient in teaching him.

From time to time the sky flashed with explosive fire, which was the gunfire of the pursing First Fleet of Aouine’s Imperial Navy.

The battle was over.

Brendel was gradually gaining insight on his deck, the Paradise of Adversity. This cycle was powerful in his opinion, but it was very energy-consuming to maintain the cycle and the constant reshuffling that it requires cost even more of his energy. Contrary to the greatest Planeswalkers in history, whether it was Tuman or Kelsie, or even Odin the Darkness Dragon, he was quickly exhausted from the constant strain on his EP. To them, maintaining such a cycle was as easy as breathing. But it was a different case for him. After all, he was only at the strength of a Gold Rank Elemental Awakener.

However, he was still cautious and did not let the Transgender Vampire, Morpheus return to his own deck. He had reached the realm of Law’s Peak. With William dead, he would basically be the strongest fighting force on this battlefield.

And he did not take back the Nightmare Forges either, leaving seventy of those metal beetles behind. Brendel left an Anxiety Card in his hand to replicate the Tempest Card, one of his strongest single target Cards.

With these two killer moves, Brendel also put away the Grimoire of Life and the Desperate Trojan Horse with ease, then dissolved the Death

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