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The Abyss(9)

As the demons were fighting with the northern allies of Aouine and the armies of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, Jorgendy Ridge’s army quickly captured the entire harbor of Ampere Seale. The Coast Guards were thoroughly defeated by Brendel. However, the beings from down below were spared. With All for One’s guidance, they easily opened the gates and dispersed the remaining port guards. By nightfall, there was scarcely any resistance remaining in the port.

Amidst the pouring rain, a beautiful figure was slowly making its way up the hovering staircase of the city building.

Medusa Lysemeka wore a clean white linen gown, revealing bronze scaly skin underneath, her legs were far more slender than those of a human woman. She liked to wrap her bronze-speckled python tail around her shoulders, like a shawl.

She ascended the balcony at the top of the city building, separating the twittering eagle demons and saw the dying Viscount Benninger. She took his wrist and recited a byte, a faint black pattern emerged above the third joint of his left hand index finger. She brought it to her beautiful eyes and examined it for a moment before raising her head and asking, “Where did you find him?”

The Eagle Demons replied in a shrill voice and a language unique to the underground, “Nearby, ma’am.”

“Why didn’t the messenger wake up?”

“The messenger has been knocked unconscious, ma’am.”

“Humans are still so fragile.” Lysmeka was full of disdain. However, she didn’t dare to reveal this kind of emotion, as this person was an important figure from All for One; All for One was a follower of the Twilight Dragon and worked closely with demons. This was not someone that a lower class like her could judge. She lowered her head and flicked out her forked tongue, creating a black mark on Viscount Benninger’s forehead. Then with a gentle stroke of her hand, she created a cover for him to protect him from the rain.

“Wait until Lord Broca arrives, you guys take good care of him. Our enemy this time is the dreaded Holy Cathedral of Fire, and the Lords need All for One to unearth that instrument for them. As long as we stand firm, ‘we’ shall obtain massive pieces of land.” Lysmeka looked eager, her beautiful serpentine hair rising up in excitement.

She looked at the Arreck Mountain Ranges in the distance and saw the rolling shadows of the mountains shrouded beneath gloomy dark clouds, the color of lightning reflected in her beautiful eyes as if lighting a spark.

But not far from her, two women were discussing in earnest. “White Mist, we were right to leave Viscount Benninger there: now we caught the big fish. Turns out they were plotting some sort of conspiracy.”

Scheming was a certainty, or else All for One would not even be here. “So what, are you going to follow her?” White Mist glanced at her. “Of course.” Romaine nodded as if it was obvious

“With your inconsistent tracking skills, it won’t take more than

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