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Originally one of the largest wool markets in Ampere Seale’s eastern harbor, the area lay in ruins from the aftermath of several battles.. The defeated soldiers gathered in the ruined market and argued bitterly. Only the White Lion Legion was left out of it.

“Count Vitokin, the Holy Cathedral will not intervene in any other domestic affairs. They aren’t feigning ignorance; rather, they’re not willing to be manipulated by other powers. I believe you understand this fact, as it is stated in the Covenant of the Gods.”

Count Vitokin straightened his helmet and adjusted his armor, but his burn mustache and hair damaged his majesty and made him look somewhat ridiculous. Back when he escaped from the Anderla Cathedral with Duke Seifer, he was injured, and those wounds stung with his every move.

“But, Honorable Bishop, isn’t punishing evil is one of your duties? Not to mention the enemies are evildoers who propagate the demise of humanity.”

“Of course. The Holy Cathedral will not sit back and watch the Kingdom fall into the lurch.” The voice replied.

The pain afflicting his body could not compare to the injury his spirit had suffered. He was still trembling after seeing the might of someone in the ‘Ulitmate Realm’. When Mephisto summoned the Grey Wilderness to reduce the Commandment Flame’s damage, it carved a mark into Count Vitokin’s heart.

Kingship and knighthood were nothing in front of real power, and even the almighty Holy Cathedral had to obey the ultimate law of strength. Count Vitokin glanced at his pale palm that still slightly shook.

He raised his head and glanced at a place not far away. The famous Sword Grandmaster Nicholas, a subordinate of Duke Seifer, was negotiating under his master’s command with the Holy Cathedral.

“On behalf of my master, I ask, what does the Holy Cathedral plan to do?”

“Let’s phrase it like this. We accepted Aouine’s new Royal Family’s invitation to arrest the Ash Sword Saint. That atrocious man murdered high-ranking members of the Holy Cathedral. Besides, we intend to reclaim the holy relic of His Majesty the Flame King, the fragment of Holy Sword Oderfeiss…”

The Bishop spoke rubbish, but to summarize it: the Holy Cathedral of Flame would help Aouine’s new Royal Family deal with the Ash Sword Saint and fight against ‘evil cultists’, but would not interfere with internal politics.

That’s typical of the Kirrlutz people, looking down on the others. But Duke Seifer didn’t say anything. Though he looked imposing, he dared not do anything.

As early as King Oberg the Sixth’s reign, the nobles of Aouine gradually degraded in quality. People soon forgot that Aouine had once been a powerhouse with experts in the Ultimate Realm. King Erik himself had been one, and there was even a time when they had two Sword Saints in that realm. After that, they had Tuman as their court mage. That, however, was the end of their glorious times.

Nicholas’s face was cold, “What about the evi

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