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Viscount Finn from Narik, accompanied by several knights in dark blue tabards climbed up a highland near the Acropolis of Bueno. He held up the telescope and observed the blazed northern Acropolis of Ampere Seale.

In the narrow field of view of the telescope, he saw a corner of the Acropolis of Bueno that had completely collapsed. Some remnants of the rocks were melted and crystalized, and thick smoke rose into the air. Based on his experience, the opponent had used a type of fireball spell to first destroy the city wall and then charged into the city. More than a hundred Coast Guards had deserted before even trying to defend.

Viscount Finn did not say a word.So is this the defense wall of Ampere Seale’s Coast Guards told me about, which he bragged could not be destroyed?The wall was old and its defensive ability was lesser than half of some fortresses in the north, and some of the forts were covered with moss. If it was not for the wretched flag with the anchor, he would have thought of this place as an abandoned ancient fortress. Not to mention its soldiers’ incapability to battle.

Very quickly, the news the scouting knights had returned testified to his hypothesis. The princess’ army should have passed through this area sometime between eight to nine at night. The news from the Dragon Cavalry supported this evidence too, but the scouting knights still found some injured Coast Guards. According to some soldier witnesses, a small unit of the princess’ sneaked into the vicinity of the castle, two women — to be precise, two powerful sorceresses blew the wall down with their fireball skill, then the light cavalry barged in and ‘defended with their lives’ but eventually failed.

But Viscount Finn obtained news from a more reliable source that said that in truth, the small unit which took action was not any powerful sorceress, but a tall and a short female fairy, both of young age. They seemed like they wanted to use their fireball skill to test the strength of the defense wall. But due to lack of maintenance and accumulation of moisture during the storm, it was destroyed upon coming into contact with heat. More than ten Coast Guards died, which was the only loss for the Coast Guards during the battle.

Then the light cavalry of the Royal Cavalry Academy swarmed in through the notch. The Coast Guards immediately put down their weapons and surrendered, and only a few of them managed to escape into the wild.

“The kingdom is full of useless bastards.” Viscount Finn said in anger.

But he did not raise his voice too loud as the Black Blade Squad’s performance was not in any way better. And this was the core reason why he was angry. In the afternoon, Baron Wallen who promised to contain the princess’ army brought the Highland Infantry divison along with him to ‘visit’ their enemy. Not only did he lose his life, but less than three hundred of the entire army returned. Viscount Finn did not know how he was going to explain this to

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