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“You got some clue right?! Right, right?!” Tania flew up, looking down at the two. The Faerie looked thrilled and spun around several times in the sky, “I should’ve thought of that. Ever since the late King Erik built the city here thousands of years ago, Aouine’s noble families have been holding onto the secrets of this harbor. How can you not know of Ampere Seale’s secrets?”

“Gryphine, why didn’t you tell me beforehand?” Tania’s head snapped back, and her glasses nearly flew off her nose.

“Aunt Tania. Hah… Mr Brendel, you…..” The princess was speechless. She really didn’t want to monopolize the Azure Lance, but the legend of the Holy Lance was too influential. No one could imagine how much turmoil the legendary Holy Lance would cause when it reappears in this world.

No one would give up the fight for a holy artifact from the legends, whether it be the Holy Cathedral of Fire, the Holy Cathedral of Wind, or the Dwarves’ and the Golden Mane Clan’s Holy Cathedral of Earth.

When that time comes, what would happen to the kingdom of Aouine?

Brendel thought otherwise. He shook his head, “Your highness, no secret in this world can be kept forever. Aunt Tania has given me an idea, leave this to me.”

The princess looked at him and nodded with a sigh.

Brendel raised his head and looked at the Faerie flying in the sky. “Aunt Tania, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

“Of course I want to find it, it’s my lifelong wish.” The Faerie flew to the counter next to Brendel. She sat on the edge of the counter with one leg crossed over the other and her hands resting on her knees. She then looked at Brendel, “What do you want, little fellow from Kardiloso, son of the Earth Sword Saint Darius. What do you want from me?”

“That’s my grandfather.” Brendel replied.

“Same thing. I don’t even know your father, I couldn’t possibly say ‘Hey, random guy’s son,’ Right?”

Brendel felt like he was out of his mind for trying to argue with a Faerie. So he ignored it. He took a page of the manuscript from the princess and asked, “Will the Silver Folk know about this deal?”

“Huh? Why do you ask that?” Tania was slightly surprised.

“You know why, Aunt Tania.” Brendel had long suspected that this Faerie was the Buga’s spokesperson in the mortal world. Besides, other than Buga’s scholars, who would actually study ancient writings? He reached out and tapped the manuscript, “This is important, because it’s the precondition of our deal.”

“Precondition? I see.” Tania pushed her glasses up and her eyes shone with excitement, “Of course they will know, I intend to bring it back to the Great Library of the Gods. The Silver Society will be so proud of me. Just think about iit, the Silver Alliance hasn’t been this boisterous in at least sixty years.”

On the side, Gryphine wanted to interject several times but just frowned and held back.

Brendel could sense Her Highness’s concerns. He figured he should quick

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