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“Master Archbishop.”

Edessa walked through a corridor and immediately saw the former Chief Archbishop of Ampere Seale pruning the flowers in the courtyard with a pair of clippers in hand. The old man was dressed in a long robe. His back faced her while he bent his head close to the lush green branches, looking absorbed in his work.

Wood shuddered slightly when Edessa called him. He turned around with a slight smile. “Edessa, you’re here.”

“Yes, Chief Archbishop. May I ask why you were looking for us?” Edessa bowed and asked.

Wood put away the clippers and turned around, casually placing a cut branch on the stone table in the courtyard. Edessa saw his silver-gray eyebrows relax as he spoke to her. “Go fetch your master and tell him that if he wishes to meet me, then the day to do so is today.”

The attendant stood there dumbfounded. It seemed as though she wasn’t able to respond for a moment, but after a brief pause, a glimmer of surprise appeared in her eyes. “Master Archbishop- ”

“There is no need to thank me on behalf of your master, Edessa,” Wood said, but then he waved his hand. “I have promised you nothing; he earned this opportunity, but I’m afraid it’s ultimately up to you all to convince Her Highness and that man.”

“Only you would give us a chance, Master Archbishop.”

“Then hurry up and get ready,” Wood replied.

Edessa hurriedly nodded. She bowed to this former Chief Archbishop of Ampere Seale with her utmost sincerity and then backed away. The old man sighed as he watched her leave the courtyard, watching her figure disappear down the corridor. He picked up the clipper again, but right then, the sound of rustling footsteps came from the other side of the corridor.

He was slightly startled and stopped what he was doing again.


The squire led Brendel, the princess, and her party through the corridor. The sunlight seeped in between the neatly trimmed walls of flowers and other plants outside, leaving a streak of light which resembled the stripes of a zebra on the floor of the corridor.

“Mr. Brendel, Haruz will be in your hands,” the princess said softly after she casted a glance at Haruz, who was silent, upon seeing them noticing them walking at the back.

Brendel also looked at the young prince.

In fact, Haruz was also discreetly looking at his gaze. The prince’s eyes – which were not quite the same as his sister’s somewhat dark gray eyes – were full of anxiety, and there was even a tinge of pleading in his gaze. Brendel couldn’t help but be a little amused. He didn’t really say much; he simply promised to keep the young prince’s secret.

He was, of course, capable of keeping a secret, but not this one. He knew that the true secret was that this young prince of Aouine might have some kind of unusual talent in him, like the one which was described in the article in a previous forum: with just a glance at those obscure black magic books, one could mast

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