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The Holy Lance of Heaven(5)

Ten meters.

Seven meters.

The room was now filled with pebbles and sand that had been whipped around by the twister. The entire underground hall boomed and roared with the sounds of it. This entire space was being drawn by an inexplicable force towards a single point. Brendel squinted, enduring the sharp rocks and stones cutting across his face, but at last, he determined the predicted position.

The blade flashed quickly. The next second, Brendel vanished from where he had stood and appeared next to Ovina. The girl of lightning didn’t seem to notice. She looked up in surprise, but mockery flashed across her platinum eyes.

Brendel observed her carefully and immediately realized something was wrong.

“How shallow.”

Before he had a chance to use the Halran Gaia, he heard Ovina’s chilly words of judgment. The next moment, Brendel felt the sword in his hand clang against an indestructible wall. Since the wall was transparent, it looked as if the blade of the Halran Gaia was stopped about a meter away from the girl of lightning, unable to move any closer.

“What is this?” Brendel stood in awe. He had never heard of anyone being able to cast a magical shield around themselves while they were still in the middle of channeling. Did that leave anyone room for success?

“This is not a magical shield, human.” Ovina raised the tip of her lance and pointed it at his chin. “That is because your inability to defeat me is destined. It is like a predetermined fate. That is why you hesitate,” she answered calmly.

Brendel understood immediately. This was part of Ovina’s Elemental Powers. This was another manifestation of the Power of Destiny; it planted a subconscious thought in every one of her opponents, making them think that they couldn’t defeat her.

In other words, there weren’t any magical shields around her, but since he believed he could not defeat her, his sword halted right there.

Everything was merely an illusion.

And yet, the illusion felt so real that he was powerless to fight against it. No matter how much effort Brendel exerted, his sword always stopped a meter from the girl of lightning, as if he was fighting against himself.

This power was unbelievable and bizarre. Brendel had never heard of anything like it, be it in this world that he transmigrated into, or from the game in his previous world,

He had heard other players hypothesize over how terrifying the Power of Existence was. Now that he had encountered it, it was even more formidable and frightening than they had thought!

“Understand now?” Ovina asked.

Brendel smiled bitterly. This was indeed a power that he couldn’t triumph over, because he saw the girl lightning begin to gather up the last bit of energy needed to unleash her attack.

Only then did the Mage from the Silver League begin chanting his spell.

Brendel turned around and caught sight of William’s grave expression.


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