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The Mother of Spiders sprung her forelimbs out and swept at Brendel’s back like a sharp machete, the air vibrated as it swung past, creating a transparent band of light in the dark underground.

Brendel heard a shrill sound that resembled an explosion, it was as if the shriek that was just heard had already moved behind him. This was the power of the most powerful creatures; at that moment Brendel remembered the several attack patterns of Anarons’ forelimbs, he pushed the princess forward at the last second and laid the Halran Gaia on his back with a backhand.

A teeth-aching loud ‘bang’ was heard. Although Brendel could not see it, he could feel the moment the Halran Gaia bent due to excessive force, and the power that could not be filtered out passed through his body; he felt a massive force from behind, and he was sent flying.

The distance between the cliff and himself seemed to suddenly become much closer.

But Brendel knew it was an illusion, instead, he was flying over the crag and over the abyss. Luckily, the Willpower attribute had strengthened his nerves’ tolerance, otherwise, his body’s self protection system would have been triggered and caused him to pass out from pain. Brendel did not want to fall into the abyss while unconscious.

He was shot forward like a cannonball and his body was flopping in mid-air. Despite the sharp pain rubbing against his nerves like fire he gritted his teeth and thrusted the Halran Gaia towards the ground of the cave.

With the Elemental Awakening power exerting full force, the Halran Gaia pierced directly into the rocks for more than a foot, and a trail of golden sparks appeared in the darkness.

Brendel’s momentum immediately decreased, but the Halran Gaia in his hand still sliced through the cliff as if it was cutting tofu; as his sword carved a deep line into the ground, he neared the cliff’s edge .

All of this happened in less than a blink of an eye, and, as if he hadn’t even drawn another breath, Brendel had already flown off the cliff. He finally stopped his momentum, his action causing a mass of rocks to tumble down.

Brendel flipped in mid-air, he raised his right hand with the Wind Ring and fired a wind bomb at the cliff on the other side. The air currents converged on top of his ring in a flash then slammed down on top of the rocks on the other side. The huge grey rocks shattered and debris flew everywhere, the intense reaction finally brought Brendel to a momentary halt in the air.

He lifted his head.

The sound of the wind overhead brought about another sharp whine which was the right forelimb of the Mother of Spiders. After she swept out her left limb, with the remaining six limbs supporting her massive frame, she raised her right limb and stabbed at Brendel in mid-air.

To the outsiders and even the Silver-ranked knights, both attacks seemed to have happened at the same time. But only Brendel knew that it was actually stagger

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