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“Detected that the skill can be obtained —”

“Skill type, general category. Sword Art classification, Law: Dragon Clan, Space.”

“Flash Strike Sword Art Level 0 [Basic] (Dragon Clan/Ancient): Your sword tip can now deflect dimensions. Each attack can ignore a certain distance in space (5m).”

“Added attribute: (Basic:None), (Ancient Trait: Unable to use as a basic skill, experience requirements increase.)”

In the eyes of the Paladin and Amandina, Brendel was just standing there stunned after listening to his description. But they could not see what was happening in Brendel’s mind, Brendel was rapidly communicating with Sanorso with his mind.

“This Sword Art is a little more complicated than the Nine Luminaries Sword Art.”

“Oh? Why do you say that, my Sword Art is definitely not inferior to Gretel’s. If I’m not satisfied with your answer, I’ll give you a piece of my mind right here right now.” The Wind Empress smiled dangerously.

Brendel smiled bitterly, Didn’t you already give the answer to that question? He glanced at the 4120 EP, clearly remembering that the EP of Nine Luminaries Sword Art was only 3550, but he still replied, “Complexity is not necessarily better, compared to that, your lady’s Sword Art is much more refined.”

“Your words have gotten a little sweeter from hanging around with the princess. But as the elder sister, I definitely like the sweet talking more.” The Wind Empress laughed ambiguously, giving him the feeling that the other three legends who fought alongside her at the beginning must have been subjected to all kinds of suffering too. The reason why the Flame King was able to be the hero that saved the world was closely connected to the the Wind Empress too, “I won’t be mad even if you state the obvious, Gretel’s sword art is the inheritance of the Dragon Clan after all, my Nine Luminaries Sword Art was also not tempered yet at that time.”

This perhaps was one of the reasons, and although Sanorso did not admit it, she insinuated that the Flash Strike Sword Art was better than the Nine Luminaries Sword Art. However, like she said, it was an honor to improve a Sword Art that was comparable to a Sword Art given by the Dragon King.

But Brendel would never believe what the elf consort just said about “I won’t be mad even if you state it directly.” He could guarantee that if he did say that directly, the Wind Empress would definitely give him a piece of her mind. This was proved by history, you could never trust what a woman said.

“But based on your talents, it shouldn’t be a problem right?” Sanorso was still bothered by Brendel’s rapid progress when he was learning her Sword Art.

She had been hailed as the most outstanding genius among the Mist Elves ever since she was a child. She began to learn this ancient technique at the age of thirty-five, and she had fully mastered it by the age of adulthood. During the middle period of the War of the Holy Saint, sh

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