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Mesika’s shriveled skin wrapped around its thick bones, its rib cage protruded, and its eye socket was sunken deeply into its three skulls; He looked like a huge skeleton. From time to time, a deep blue flame exploded from its body, which was the light emitted due to a devil’s magic loss. Even its armour had completely disintegrated; he looked like a brutal tyrant who suddenly fell from his throne and turned into a beggar without a single penny to his name. The huge psychological gap also brought about an immense feeling of insecurity, and although it still had an advantage against Brendel and Ciel, Mesika quickly used its remaining power to cast a Flame Shield for itself.

As if doing so would help make it feel more at ease.

However, Ciel was not slow at reacting either, when Brendel told him to attack, he immediately picked his magic staff off of the ground, loudly reciting an incantation, “I command this sharp blade, it shall separate all things, in the Law of Tiamat, Demeter’s Blade!”

Waving his hand in a chopping motion, the air in front of him formed a bright wind blade, which promptly sought to cut the Devil King Mesika.

Mesika’s Flame Shield was much stronger than Brendel’s Crimson Red Blessing, the red and orange light emitted by the magic shield was like a layer of orange-red grease, thick and sturdy. Ciel’s Dragon Blade slashed at the shield, and as if violently stirring a boiling pot of oil, the red grease on the hemispherical magic shield started vibrating intensely.

But it did not budge.

“Hahaha!” Mesika took a step back at first but soon laughed when it realized that Ciel could not penetrate its shield. Its three heads also started cackling in laughter; It seemed to have completely forgotten that it was still a Devil King of Hell. Normally, it was an insult for it to even receive this kind of attack, much less getting its shield pierced by a mere Golden Leveled mage.

“You can’t kill me, just wait for it” it shouted haughtily.

But he did not laugh for long, for immediately after the transparent attack of the Dragon Blade, a black heavy sword appeared behind the spell. The glowing sword was like a silver thread, parting the rain, and the orange-red Flame Shield had no effect on the sword as it flickered through space and slashed its chest.

A flash.

Brendel leaped up through the rain, and opened up a two-meter long wound on the monster’s chest with his sword. With any expressions on his face, he dragged the sword downward skillfully, as he had done the same moves in The Amber Sword thousands of times in the past, and immediately, blood splattered everywhere like purplish-red blood rain


Mesika’s laughter came to an abrupt end, now replaced by a terrified scream.


The screams then turned into howling, and the huge body of the Hell Devil King fell back. Brendel landed steadily on the ground, as the huge body of the Hell Devil King fell to the g

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