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Maynild’s Journey(3)

A few minutes later, the southern gate of Fort Bunuo opened.

The remaining White Lion soldiers in the city began to retreat. The Devils’ commander, the Longhorn Devil, immediately noticed this. It certainly could not tolerate these people who had caused it great trouble to escape.

It let out a long cry and the Devil Army immediately surged towards the south gate. It led the army itself, ready to crush these little insects.

However, it rushed down the city wall and went through a few winding alleys, coming to the only square in the city. Here, it saw humans in battle array. It was not just the knights of the White Lion Legion; there were ragged men and even children.

The Longhorn Devil suddenly realized something was wrong.

Sherlock stood among the crowd and raised his sword defiantly.

“I know you’re listening. Fire at me, Victory… Fire at me, Victory!”

The voice that came out of the Magic Crystal seemed a little distorted, but the determination it contained could not be hidden. The mage who passed the order was silent for a moment, before looking back at the count behind him.

He was dressed in a long coat and was somewhat pale. Tiredness was written across his face. Count Janilasu closed his eyes. He rubbed his forehead as if he had hardened his resolve before replying.

“The Devils’ commander is there. Fire at him.”

“But Count…… “

“I will take all the responsibility,” the count replied calmly.

If people dared to give up their lives, what excuse do I have for not giving up my own reputation?

The earth trembled, and blinding golden light had covered the entire Fort Bunuo. It was like a sea of fire. Owen watched as the lower-ranked Devils, which had lost their command, fled in the midst of the fire. He watched his fellow men turn into ashes in the midst of explosions. He watched all of these as tears brimmed in his eyes.

He straightened Marquis Balta’s corpse and then raised the tattered flag of Aouine above his head.

That action of his was seemingly sacred.


The two flags reappeared on the battlefield.

It was a glimpse of hope that had been exchanged for the blood of countless people. It ignited a fire in everyone’s hearts and gave them faith. Even those on The Victory and Aouine’s naval cadets could not help but close their eyes.

Archbishop Wood watched the scene in silence.

Youla could not see it, but the cheers of the crowd outside had reached her ears. She was not from Aouine, but a smile appeared on her face nonetheless.

“Come on, Aouine.”

But Carglise ,who was fighting on the frontal battlefield of the village of Medao, suddenly stopped.

What was going on?

He and all the young men of Trentheim felt something strange. They were not the only ones; the entire White Lion Legion felt their hearts throbbing in terror.

In front of them were unstoppable Minotaurs. The White Lion Legion was crumbling in a series

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