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The Holy War(18)

Under the pressure of the Coalition Army, the left flank of the noble private soldiers was stepping back and the formation gradually loosened up until it was eventually squeezed into a small triangular shape. If Viscount Von Dougning’s Earth Drake Rangers turned to this side, failure was just a matter of time.

It was already too late.

Has the commander gone crazy?

That was what Viscount Von Dougning thought, too. Although he had not seen Brendel, his opponents have not given up the left flank yet to protect the central formation instead. Their reaction is too slow. He could not help but sneer, Or maybe they were too arrogant.

No matter how capable the commander was, it still required a qualified army to work. Those students from the royal family do not know what a real battle is like.

He could already see the noble private soldiers’ flank as well as their panicking infantries. The panic on their faces was exactly like the wild beasts of Toquinen, it was the natural look of despair.

The rangers leveled their spears and advanced.

The ground started to tremble. Every time the giant claws of the Earth Drake came in contact with the ground, the pebbles on the river beach would be as if they were infused with magic and started to dance and roll around and dusty haze arose. But their shining spears pierced through the haze. Viscount Von Dougning lowered his body and stabbed his spear right into the opponent’s formation while letting out a beast-like roar.

The huge force directly penetrated through the elliptical shield and the rangers continued to add pressure while the Earth Drake broke through the shields with its humongous body. The noble private soldiers’ phalanx could not take it anymore and started to retreat one by one.

It was at this moment Viscount Von Dougning realized victory was in his hands. The defeat of Count Audine’s left flank would lead to sweeping the entire main camp of the princess, then the Beale’s light infantry and his Rangers would divide the battlefield, like what they did to the foolish Lion Beastmen in the East battlefield.

But it was at this moment that he heard a distant howl.

The howl came from the dense forest, the endless wilderness. The young Viscount thought he saw a hallucination in the next second. He saw the ground covered in darkness under a silver moon with a giant wolf running.

The long howl made the mountains shake. The howl of the wolf echoed throughout the forest as if it had overcome time and distance, near and far. It surrounded the whole battlefield.

“A wolf?”

A black shadow covered the sunlight over Viscount Von Dougning. He raised his head and saw a huge object jump high into the sky, its black fur shining under the sunlight. Its bloody red eyes were cold and murderous. It was still the afternoon, when the sun shone the brightest, but the young Viscount could not feel even a slight sense of warmth as chills ran dow

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