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Pfeiffer Valley? Brendel felt shaken. He remembered hearing this name before somewhere. He immediately took a mental note of this name and was ready to go to the library in Chaen to look it up when he had the time. Or maybe it would be best if he went to read the history from the ‘The Silver Wall’ in Buga.

It seemed that the Holy Cathedral of Fire was indeed envious of the Black Tower Mages. Unfortunately, the Covardo Royal Family did not catch them. It appears that the HIghland Mages had no negative feelings towards Princess Gryphine so why did they become so estranged later on?

William thought he would be able to scare off these sudden troublemakers but a group of people came out behind the grey robe mages. As soon as he saw these knights dressed in azure armor, he knew it was bad news. He then saw that the head of the knights was the leader of the Highland Knights, Bunide.

This handsome middle-aged uncle replied with a slight smile, “William, it seems that your memory is deteriorating quickly. There are signs of old age before you’re even old. How did I answer you last time? The decision that we made half a century ago is still the decision now. When did the Highland Knights ever break their promise?”

“If you want to fight, I will accompany you. The Holy Cathedral of Fire is powerful, but the blood of the Danir people has not been drained dry.” Bunide pulled out his longsword and winked at Brendel who was in the forest below. “The descendant of Darius, I heard that you are a resourceful person and you would not start a decisive battle with these Northerners without a plan, so I will help you block these broken ships of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. I hope you can teach these unforgivable Kirrlutz people the lesson of their lifetime.”

Brendel raised his head and smiled inside. The sudden appearance of Eikkel and the Highland Knights warmed his heart. The Aouine people were not dead yet and at least some of them still had the prideful blood of their ancestors flowing in them.


“But these are the vanguard fleets of the Kirrlutz people, uncle. You have to be careful.”

“Uncle?” Bunide chuckled, “Thank you for your concern.”

These two totally disregarded the enemy. William’s anger could practically disintegrate the entire Aouine. “Since both of you don’t want to accept my good intentions and are determined to keep walking down that dead end, there’s no need for us to talk any longer.” He clearly knew the remarks he had made. If Brendel could not be killed today, he would be sent to the inquisition tomorrow. He glanced at Bunide and his Highland Knights one last time and did not speak again.

The negotiations were broken and the offense resumed.

The Northern Coalition Army was regrouping and in fact, Anthony’s army also required some time to adjust themselves. But the battle could happen anytime. Brendel lowered his head, but later he then shouted to nearby Eikkel, “Eikk

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