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The Abyss(2)

In the sky, the royal fleet of Aouine was targeting the Kirrlutz’s battleships. They purchased a first-class Ptolemy class battleship from the Wind Elves which had higher maneuverability compared to the Perlan class of the Konolia fleet twenty years ago. But the Kirrlutz had a stronger determination and better personnel quality. Although they were just a fleet of one place, they were undoubtedly the spirit of the kingdom.

Both parties opened fire towards each other in the sky and warships fell from the sky like fireballs from time to time. But as soon as Brendel’s Wind Spirit Dragons joined the battle the Kirrlutz were put at a disadvantage, and the Perlan class ‘Yasha’ battleship pulled out from the combat. The Wind Spirit Dragons launched a suicide attack at its magic shields, then used the burning power to consume the energy source of the first-class battleship, Yasha which ran out of power collided onto the Northern Coalition Army, causing a huge amount of casualties.

Soon, Aouine’s battleship ‘Kolin’ released a bomb that went right through the magic shield and hit the stern of another Perlan flagship, which killed both the captain and chief officer on the spot. The Kirrlutz’s fleet formation fell apart and they started to flee.

The Northern Coalition Army on the ground started escaping when the fleets retreated, they were like ants running all over the wilderness with sounds of the horns echoing across the area.

And on the other side –

Brendel saw seven Paladins put down their weapons and battled to death with his own eyes, it was impossible for them to succeed which meant their defense would be useless.

The whole battlefield quieted down very quickly and only the sound of rain falling to the ground and moaning noises of the injured was left.

Brendel let out a sigh of relief, he felt as if all his body strength were drained. He sat right down on a boulder behind him.

Maynild was ordering the survivors to build a simple shelter so that the injured could be moved there.

The injured were mostly soldiers of the Northern Coalition Army while a small number of them were the Kirrlutz. Because of the Grimoire of Life, almost none of the princess’ men were injured.

Princess Gryphine managed to find him right away.

“Mr.Brendel, should we continue to chase after the Kirrlutz’s fleet?” The half-elf princess asked hesitantly. The Kirrlutz had twelve main fleets, and Konolia was just one of the local fleets which were similar to Ampere Seale’s navy. Chasing after them seemed unnecessary to her as it might provoke the Kirrlutz too.

“We have to continue chasing after them, Your Highness, or else it would be troublesome if they joined forces with the Northern Coalition Army again.” Brendel knew exactly why the princess hesitated so he proceeded to explain immediately, “It’s better to order Count Janilasu to chase them out of Ampere Seale.

His words revealed his intention of u

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