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“Moros, you’re crazy.”

“You know nothing. Do you think you can stop everything?”

Moros’ robe was fluttering in the hot air. He put on a nasty grin on his face, and said, “Don’t ever compare me with those cowards and their worthless ambitions. Haha…my goal is supreme.”

“Moros,” said Mephisto with his sword lying on his shoulder.

He stared fiercely at Moros and glared like a beast eyeing prey, ignoring the golden magma that was leaking out from the ground.

“You got it wrong,” he said.

“I don’t care about your goals at all. I’m only here to kill you. Murderers will not escape punishment. Not you, and not even Kirrlutz’s Emperor”

“So,” he raised his sword and pointed at Moros, “Please, go to hell,” said Mephisto.

Grey ripples shot out from the blade. In just a blink of an eye, Rokshbe Hall and Anderla Cathedral disappeared, and the two were left in a bleak, white plain. The magma seemed to have freed itself from its constraints and began to rise quickly up their feet.

The tier ten spell was finally ready to release its greatest power. The magma gushed out from the ground and exploded miles into the sky, like a blade reaching for the heavens.

A golden red cross was shining in the sky.

Mephisto’s robe was burned up by the spell, revealing the armor he was wearing inside. Even that was gradually starting to glow, the lines of Law’s carved onto it began to light up, and he seemed like the embodiment of flames.

But he did not feel the heat and just walked towards Moros like a beast that coming out from a fiery pool.

Then, he raised his flaming sword.

“The flames can’t hurt you …No, you’re being protected by the boundary…What is this place!?” Moros yelled.

“Moros, you should have used your strongest single-target spell. If you had done that, with your Elemental Power, you could have stood a chance. But you purposely chose a spell with such a large area of effect. You’re too greedy,” Mephisto shook his head and said while walking towards Moros.

“The final plane, The Grey Wilderness…I see…” Moros was enlightened, “So this is the fourth realm!”

In the next moment, Moros let out a terrible scream as the fire sword stabbed into his heart. He could not have dodged it as he was still casting a spell.

And in an instant, the flames on the blade started burning him up.

Moros laughed suddenly, “Haha! I was too greedy? You’re wrong. Oh…Mephisto, why didn’t you go and save them…they’re dead now…”

Mephisto looked at him in pity.

“What is it with that look?” Moros stunned and said.


“You’ve underestimated him.”


Mephisto nodded his head.

Moros coughed severely. The color from his eyes seemed to be fading away. But at the last moment, he realized something.It was all a cycle. Everything will be destroyed eventually. Everything will return as one eventually…

And then he widened his eyes and groaned, “It’s useless… All your efforts are… You’ll never un

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