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The mountain range was covered with the radiant glow of the sun as it set by the sea, basking the ocean surface with a golden light. The skies began to darken, and the moon slowly became visible.

Just as the sergeants expected, a line of troops appeared behind them.

Brendel received news that it was the patrol party on the outer perimeter that met the enemies first. They were the same light cavalry which had appeared earlier, and according to the reports made by a girl named Bessie, after a little skirmish, the enemies left behind their allies and fallen teammates as they scrambled to escape and notify their superiors.

Upon further interrogation, Brendel realized that they belonged to the Finn division of the Black Blade Squad. The Black Blade Squad’s composition was fairly different from the White Lion Legion from back in King Erik’s days, and they closely resembled the Roman armies back in his previous life except larger in scale.

The Black Blade Squad was composed of divisions of 4500 men per column which were then divided into teams of hundreds and tens. Supposedly, there were about twenty divisions in the Black Blade Squad, each named after the commander they were affiliated under.

Finn’s division naturally meant the commander belonged to the Finn family from Narik.

Brendel’s knowledge about these divisions was nothing to scoff at. Although the Black Blade Squad was a secret army of the Royal Family, the Royal Family only took direct command of one or two commanders. Even the princess could not explain in as much detail as Brendel in regard to the composition of the Black Blade Squad.

With such knowledge, Brendel knew that their enemies camped in Narik, which was to the south of Covardo’s region but to the north of Seifer’s region. The armies were usually poor natives that lived in the mountains. The Finn division was the best Highland Light Infantry division there was.

They might actually be the ones who are chasing us.Brendel thought. Normally, the best troops at pursuing the enemies were knights or the Dragon Cavalry. But due to the terrain, Finn division’s Highland Infantry would have a better chance of navigating through the mountains.

In The Amber Sword, soldiers usually had a certain set of characteristics to them; for example, the White Lion Legion’s loyalty and pride were their most obvious characteristics. With loyalty, they could respond to their leaders quicker, and with pride, they would never falter in any situation.

The Highland Infantry had only one characteristic: Adaptability in the mountains and the forests.

This was something very easy to explain. It meant that they would not be affected by the harsh terrain of the mountains. In fact, they even made use of it as an advantage. Against normal soldiers who were less useful in the mountains, these Highland Infantry were far stronger than their normal states.

Plus, they were up against the rookies that just graduated from the R

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