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The Secret Within The Rock

“The Azure Lance….. Aunt Tania, where did you get that information?” Brendel saw Princess Gryphine tense up like a bowstring as she asked cautiously.

“It’s just a guess.” Tania pushed the rims of her glasses, “I stumbled upon something that inspired me.”

Her Highness let out a sigh of relief and sat back down, “I see….”

“I see?” The Faerie was displeased, “Shouldn’t you ask me what exactly inspired me?”

“No…. I’m sorry, I was just too shocked.” Princess Gryphine said as she was forced to change her words. She honestly did not care about it at all. She only cared about whether the news of everything that happened underneath Ampere Seale that time had leaked out. But Princess Gryphine knew the temper of a goblin, and she knew that if she did not go along with the woman, she might not be able to leave today. Thus, she pretended to be interested in what she said, “So, Aunt Tania, what exactly was it? Could it be books that were lost in the age of The Deprived Radiance?”

“Of course not.” Tania was startled, “The books from before the Towers of Babel collapsed are long gone. Countless mages have spent their life searching for them, how could I possibly find them.” She placed a finger to her lips and chided with a stern look, “You must not joke about this. Have you witnessed the wrath of the People of Silver?”

“I understand, Aunt Tania. So what exactly did you discover?” Princess Gryphine asked helplessly.

“You’ll see in a minute.”

Brendel caught the Princess’ gaze. He mostly understood how Her Highness felt at the moment. However, unlike her, he didn’t feel stressed at all. ON the contrary, he too wanted to know why the Faerie was so confident. He had a feeling that this might be a quest in the original game for finding the Azure Lance.

Tania clapped her hands. The young girl had already brought the chest out from the back of the hall. Brendel initially thought that the “jewel-encrusted chest” would be about the size of a mini jewelry box, but reality proved him wrong. He realized that the chest was indeed that—a chest, and was two-thirds as tall as Carol. The young girl spent all of her energy carrying the box out, and was now blushing from exhaustion.

Tania stood up. She was only as tall as Brendel’s shoulder, even when she stood on the counter. She then spread out her gossamer-thin wings and flew onto the chest. Brendel saw that the encrusted jewels were actually protective spells, and when the Faerie put her fingers on those crystals, the spells lit up one by one and unlocked themselves.

Only then did she tug at the box and open it.

“What’s this?” After the lid opened, Her Highness’ gaze was drawn to the items within the chest; two small black metal discs.

Brendel eyes fixated on the objects, and he would have jumped up from his chair, had he not bitten his tongue to calm himself. The sting immediately wakened him from his stupor.

This is the Earth Sag

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