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The carriage shook slightly as the wheels ran over the gap between the stone slabs, the slight vibration made continuous rattling sounds, then it was quiet.

Princess Gryphine seemed to have understood Brendel’s question, and her silver-gray eyes showed a hint of confusion, “Magic? Mr. Brendel, Haruz has yet to begin his training in magic. I intend to let him mature a bit more before considering it, especially since Haruz is royalty…… I don’t really intend for him to get too close to the wizards.”

It was a tradition in the world of Vaunte. Nobles often made their children practice magic, but the royal family rarely did so. Magic was related to mysterious and unknown forces, and an heir to the throne had to be as far away from unpredictable dangers as possible. Even among more powerful noble families, eldest sons rarely became wizards. Even for Princess Gryphine herself, Fleetwood was no more than a teacher of the occult practices, witchcraft etiquette, and history.

“Is that so……” Brendel stared at the sides of the Magic Triangle between Haruz’s thumb and forefinger, which was glossy and almost transparent, a phenomenon that was caused by at least one magical induced reaction, but it did not form a solid law like when he had put on the Wing Ring for the first time. There was only one spell Brendel remembered that would cause such a change, and that was Black Magic.

“What’s the problem, Mr.Brendel?” Princess Gryphine frowned at her brother, and Haruz lowered his head in fear and put his hands between his knees.

But Brendel spoke somewhat in a flat tone, “No, it’s just that Your Highness’ hands are more like those of a wizard’s than a swordsman’s. The average nobleman’s children would have been already practicing swordsmanship by his age, right?” As he said this, he saw Haruz look up at him in surprise. Brendel noticed that Princess Gryphine was not paying attention, so he winked at the young Prince, which frightened the young prince to quickly lower his head for fear that his sister might notice.

But the princess did not notice this, she felt her face turn warm. It was true that Haruz had started practicing swordsmanship a long time ago, but she couldn’t just say that her brother was a useless boy. He did not even have the courage to hold up a sword, much less practice swordsmanship.

“Haruz, he……because I haven’t had much time to take care of him since I left……” She finally sighed and took the blame on herself.

“Sister……” Haruz said weakly.

“You shut up.” Princess Gryphine said sternly. “You’re part of the blame too, and you should reflect on it.” Brendel chuckled, but looking at the brother and sister. He thought that perhaps the young prince’s cowardly side had something to do with this eldest princess, as Princess Gryphine had a stronger personality than that of a regular older sister.

After Haruz was reprimanded by his sister, he buried his head and kept quiet again, like a trem

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