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The Holy Lance of Heaven(4)

“Destiny’s power, Reverse History.”

In the Great Hall, Ovina’s deep voice echoed in a low hum. A strange scene appeared in front of Brendel – time and space seemed to become a set of reverse montages, and the floor, which gradually fractured under the power of the white light beam, was being put back together. The colorful light formation came back, the broken stone panels, the rocks, and the layers of earth knitted back together and returned to order.

Dragon Strike was like a sheathed platinum sword, it reversed its course and flew from the bottom of the earth back to the Law Formation in a shocked Ciel’s palm. A cast spell had broken back down into its most basic magic elements and the entire spellcasting process reversed. This was a sight never seen before.

Anyone who even barely understood the principles of magic knew how much power this represented. The two first-class Mages, Tania and William, adopted identical looks of amazement and admiration. Time, space, and energy were the most fundamental laws of the world.That was a demonstration of the Power of Existence.

“You can’t fight this, leader!” Ciel shouted in a strangled voice.

“There is no way you can defeat me!” The lightning girl declared proudly. In an instant, thousands of electric arcs rose up from her body and spread throughout the Great Hall, accurately striking each and every one standing there. Among them, Brendel, who was being held hostage by Ovina, suffered the most damage and flew through the air due to the force of the strike.

The noncombatant females such as Dilferi, Amandina, and Romaine let out a shriek. The widening electric arcs formed a shining net in the Great Hall, securely casting everyone under its influence and tethering them against the wall on one side of the Great Hall.

A light flashed in William’s eyes. He raised his Draka, the Staff of the Sky, and a transparent half sphere of protection encircled him. Hundreds of golden arcs skimmed across the surface of the magical shield, only to explode into ions like fireworks against the night sky.

Brendel was the only other still standing. From the moment he climbed up he activated the Fool’s Talent and the Blood of God came to life within him. A barely visible barrier made of willpower enveloped his body and all the lightning dissipated before they got close to him.

“Hmm?” Ovina’s eyes showed a sign of curiosity upon seeing this. “This… feels like Odin’s aura. There are many strange things about you.”

“This kind of magic is useless against me!” Brendel unsheathed Halran Gaia. He lifted his head and stared at Ovina, who was standing in the center of the lightning, and slashed at her with the sword.

“What a fool, even Odin himself was no match against me.” The lightning girl snorted. All the lightning and thunder immediately disappeared from the underground hall. The only one that remained was the lightning staff in her hands. As if

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