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Brendel coughed and called out anxiously. However, Her Royal Highness had already moved closer to the Mother of Spiders with her sword in her hands. Although the Mother of Spiders Anarons had already gone through Elemental Activation and entered Elemental Enlightenment, it was still not a sapient creature; the Enlightenment was just a natural process.

The spider felt threatened by the princess’ approach. It turned somewhat confusedly towards the half-elf princess then raised its chelicerae high, ready to teach the insignificant little thing that had dared to challenge itself a lesson.

Brendel’s blood soon clotted. He immediately took out a bottle of holy water and poured it on himself, before rolling forward to the pile of cobwebs and yanking out the Halran Gaia.

By this time, the Mother of Spiders had already begun her assault Princess Gryphine. The half-elf maiden cautiously took a step back while shivering in the face of this terrifying monster and clenching her longsword with both hands. However, she still gritted her teeth and stood in the Aouine Army’s sword fighting stance.

If Brendel were to judge her pose, it would be perfectly up to snuff, near-perfect but meaningless. The princess’s sword grip showed that she had put a lot of effort into her swordplay and this meticulous starting position alone was enough to score three points in the Knight’s Tournament. Unfortunately, this was not the Knight’s Tournament.

Rather, it was a battlefield where combatants killed each other.

No one would speak of the rules of knighthood in the face of monsters. Monsters don’t, and neither does a swordsman.

Princess Gryphine did her best, gritting her teeth as she snapped her sword against the Mother of Spiders Anarons’ chelicerae. The immense force sent her whimpering to the ground. The second chelicerae then plunged down towards Her Royal Highness’ head.

“Watch out!” Brendel’s hands and feet were cold, fearful of seeing Princess Gryphine killed in front of his own eyes. It was at this moment that a white light lit up from Her Royal Highness, causing the Mother of Spiders’s huge chelicerae to stab the maiden’s left shoulder instead.

Although the half-elf maiden gritted her teeth, she still let out a suppressed, miserable scream. She had never felt such intense pain before in life, and couldn’t stop the tears that came to her eyes.

Luckily there was defensive equipment!

Brendel’s heart was beating like a drum; he was fortunate that he had no heart conditions, or he would have been literally scared to death. However, he couldn’t help but secretly let out a sigh of relief. He should have thought that as a member of the royal family, Princess Gryphine would definitely have one or two pieces of magical equipment to save her life.

In that instant, it was the difference between life and death. Brendel finally arrived and with a roar, he raised his sword and slashed at the Mother of Spide

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