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The second and third Cerberus arrived at the scene just after Brendel killed the first Cerberus. The way Brendel killed their comrade so easily obviously scared them, although the Cerberi were not very intelligent, they were still smarter than the average devil. Upon seeing Brendel sprinting towards them with his bloody sword, both of them immediately retreated.

Unfortunately, Brendel was not planning to give them any opportunity to retreat. He jumped forward with his sword high up on his head and slashed at its forehead. With this attack, Brendel had already activated his Dash: the Cerberus had no room to escape. With its urge to back down and the fact that the current situation did not allow for advance nor retreat, finally, in this two-way dead end, it was slashed straight on the forehead by Brendel’s sword.

With a loud sound, Brendel’s sword immediately slashed Cerberus’s body into half. The terrifying power of the Golden Peak Elemental Power (黄金巅峰要素显化) instantly crushed its body, and a powerful explode blew its body into pieces of meat and bones.

And just like that, the Cerberus was killed by its own patheticness. Brendel landed on the floor, breathing heavily. Although his Golden Peak Elemental Power could easily deal with a Cerberus, monsters were monsters after all, and it wasn’t easy to deal with monsters while saving energy and without using any Elemental Point.

He could only take advantage with his broad experiences.

Brendel looked back, Nicholas and the Paladin of the Holy Cathedral of Fire had just each killed a Cerberus. The amount of the Cerberi was already low from the start, and with that, half of them were dead. But that did not mean that the pressure had been reduced, the rest of the knights were already having a hard time dealing with the Hellhounds, much less the Cerberi.

In fact, they were already struggling when they were surrounded by imps, and as soon as the Hellhounds joined in the fight, the Lantonilan Knights immediately suffered heavy casualties.

There were four or five knights who were suddenly attacked by the Hellhounds and dragged from their horses. The others had no room to save their comrades as they were in a difficult situation too, and it was clear what fate was awaiting them.

The remaining knights had no choice but to gather around Dilferi and her Royal Highness. If Leider was not there with them, they would have already been overwhelmed by the imps.

There was no way to advance.

Brendel could not help but frown. The current situation was beyond his expectations. How did the Devils react so quickly ? This was completely different from the Jorgendy Ridge’s monsters in his memory. He looked at the portal in the distance, and it was around two hundred meters away.

But these two hundred metres felt like the milky way to them.

“ Mr Brendel, we have to find an opening to escape.” Nicholas noticed the problem too and could not help saying it

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