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Each of the three-meter-long claws were made of gray cuticles with honeycomb-like holes. Brendel knew that the holes were filled with devilized worms, and every time Mesika, the King of Chaos, attacked, the worms would try to infect the wounds.

He remembered that when Guild R killed the Devil King, they specifically sent heretic judges and witch doctors to purify the parasites. But unfortunately, he did not have that kind of resources. The Devil King used his sword-like claws and struck at him, and Brendel, just in the nick of time, took a few steps backward. The claws had nearly hit him.

The green turf was left with three deep claw marks. After that, the power of chaos left a dull, gray flame burning on top of the gouges.

Brendel landed on the ground with a backflip. The adrenaline flowing through his blood had completely snapped him awake, and his dangerous encounter made his forehead break out in a thin layer of cold sweat.

Luckily, Brendel was reminded by the elf at the last second, or else the consequences would have been devastating. Unlike the usual upper-ranked devils that possessed the Flame of Elemental Power, a higher-ranked devil usually was not recognized by the Power of the Laws. On the contrary, they used the Power of Chaos and the Violent Dark Magic of the Sea Of Magic.

These two powers in the hands of the devils lacked the ability to create, but its destructive powers were far more enough. It was even more destructive than most elemental powers on the same level; the Power of Chaos could assimilate everything, and the burning flame was proof.

The gray flame had nothing to do with the Elemental Fire in Vaunte’s world. It was something called Embers. Everything it burned would return to Chaos. Legends said that if the Land of Order turned barren, the whole world would fill with such flame.

Brendel regained his balance just when he heard the Wind Empress’s voice, “Brendel, when this devil attacked, his right hind foot was slightly slower than its other three feet. It looks like it was injured, can you take advantage of this?.”

Brendel nodded, in folk tales, Mesika, the King of Chaos, was often portrayed as a three-winged giant. Its belly, full of fat, dipped to the ground. It looked peculiar, though it still had a humanoid form with two feet and two hands. And what Mesika pointed out was actually Mesika’s right ankle.

When Mesika was conquering the Hell of Torture, he got bitten by a Lord’s pet devil snake, and that injury nevery healed properly. At the time, Guild R had aptly prepared to take down the devil and would not have missed such an obvious weakness.

Mesika did have a blind spot when turning to the right.

Unfortunately, this information was meaningless to him, as Mesika’s strength was equivalent to the peak of the Ultimate Realm, and would not be easily compromised by such a small weakness. But just in case, Brendel still subconsciously leaned to the r

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