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The Holy War(17)

Brendel watched the sky and earth grow distant. The spearmen in front were lowering the grip on their spears, the shiny helmets lowered one after another and the spears rose among an ocean of helmets. He vaguely heard Bessie’s voice as sharp as a sea monster, a hissing sound, then arrows shot over their heads and landed somewhere further.

The queue of the Northern Coalition Army was like blue and white waves which produced a series of explosions. The continuous flares merged with screams, the force of the air ripples seemed to have crossed tens of meters in just seconds, bringing shrapnels of metal to hit his armor.

The blazes were blinding, Brendel could not help but squint his eyes. The Beale Infantry began their final charge before him. Their formation had turned into a curved line and they were crossing the shallow waters of the creek. Disintegration Crystals exploded beneath their feet, forming pillars of water. Countless youngsters fell amidst the misting water and their comrades continued on, hurdling over their corpses. About fifty meters from both sides of the Marchenko and Leviko Mountains was the forest where. Finn and Constantine’s infantries hid. Their archers did not have to worry about accidental injuries so they shot all their arrows towards the two mountain tops, causing countless explosions. The deafening explosions were so powerful they practically gouged out the ground. Black pine tree branches broke and flew all over the place and the flags of both Northern Coalition Armies fell one after another.

Suddenly, a few flashes broke out in a distance.

Brendel knew what it was right away, Magical attacks! The mages of the Northern Coalition Army have finally joined the battle. The dots of fire crossed thousands of meters instantly and turned into fireballs as big as a skull. But a light blue water curtain opened up right above the noble private soldiers and the fireballs crashed into them, scattering the red flames.

But the roaring of the explosions still caused some commotion among Count Audine’s private soldiers and the formation was beginning to get messed up. Brendel realized it and was about to boost their morale when a clear and calm voice was heard.

“Don’t retreat, I’m here! I’m fighting alongside all of you!” The princess’ voice was firm and steady but the way she gripped so tightly onto her sword until her hand turned white gave away her real feelings.

“Your Highness!” Brendel turned and saw Princess Gryphine standing not far away from him.

Princess Gryphince glanced at him with uncertainty in her silver eyes before she turned away and shouted solemnly, “I am the princess of Aouine! I will be here, and let us let our blood flow across this place together today!” The majesty of royalty was extremely infectious to ordinary people. Seeing the princess standing behind them, the noble private soldiers miraculously calmed down.

Freya stepped forward to join th

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