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The Eagle Demons began their second attack, and they swooped down like raindrops. Brendel hurried to lead the knights back, behind them was a dense woodland and its canopies of black pines would work as a natural protection against the Eagle Demons’ attack.

But sooner or later they would be able to make through the cascading branches and attack them, Brendel knew that he would have to find a way to get down the hill and back on his horse. The Eagle Demons were good at fighting in the sky as their specialty was flexibility, but they were not great at speed and endurance.We have to find a way to get rid of them.

It was at this moment when several Eagle Demons descended from the canopies, Brendel looked up and saw the sharp claws of these monsters, they clung to the tree branches and were jumping forward, to Brendel’s surprise they were not much slower than flying and it only took a short while for them to reach somewhere above their heads.

This scene was exactly like the scene when he first fought these flat-haired beasts in the wetland forest near the Grey Harbor. Subconsciously, he shouted, “Shoot them down, try to aim for their backs!”

The knights immediately removed their short bows or four-armed crossbows from their waists and aimed at those monsters. The Eagle Demons were terrifyingly nimble. They hovered from side to side between the tree branches, avoiding almost all the crossbows.

However, the knights managed to discover the trick very quickly, they found out that the Eagle Demons tend to swing back when dodging. Along with Brendel’s reminder, the knights calculated the distance the monsters would swing back in advance, and this time more than half of the Eagle Demons were shot immediately.

The knights were excited, “Lord, how did you know that?”

“Knowledge is power. All the answers in the world are in books.” Brendel answered.

These words simply made him sound like an inexplicable sorcerer, and the knights immediately showed a sense of respect. But this sentence reminded the princess who was at the side of what Fleetwood taught her, ‘All wisdom that is sharper than a sword is hidden in books.’, it was an old proverb of the Kirrlutz. It was said that all the mages promoted the same idea.

Although she was running forward with all her might with her hands held tightly by Brendel, her mind was calm.Mr.Knight was indeed a Danir, as he had such high regard for the knowledge of Highland Wizards.

Brendel however noticed that the Experience Points of the Eagle Demons killed by the knights had to be counted into his account, and one Demon equaled 60 EXP. This was obviously a number after calculating the group penalty and rank penalty value, but the Eagle Demons he killed alone had only around 90 EXP.

These Experience Points were nothing to him, but the point was that it further proved his earlier hypothesis about the team. It looked like as long as it was an alliance it would be counted as the same team

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