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The guests were obviously Brendel’s acquaintances – the Grey Fins Nagas. The pearl, delivered from Sani, was a gift from Winter Dew, Queen of the Nagas. It was some sort of magical tool used for communication between Nagas. Unfortunately, the production of this tool was limited, preventing all the important people around him from posessing one as well.

As soon as the black pearl glowed, Brendel immediately realized that Sani had arrived. The ones who reacted, however, first were the White Lion Battalion soldiers stationed as lookouts. The young soldiers from Trentheim naturally recognized the Nagas and led them directly over to Brendel’s party.

The first thing that Brendel saw was the sturdy, taller-than-average Sani the female Naga beside him. While female Nagas could be alluring by human standards – as was the one next to Sani – they were still far from actually being human. Female Nagas all had sharp, pointy ears, smooth skin, and three thin gills above the collarbone, and, just like male Nagas, their lower halves were those of snakes.

Brendel was a little confused in the beginning about the reason why Sani did not meet up with Amandina and sail together to Trentheim. But once he saw the female Naga, he immediately understood the reason. He recognized the female Naga too – she was Bridget, the giant sea monster. She was also one of the main priestesses of Queen Winter Dew.

In the Naga clan, those who conducted rituals and those in charge of wars were all women. Although Sani was a warrior, he was only a front-line soldier. Even though Sani later obtained the power to lead the tribe of the Grey Fins Nagas from a series of coincidences, he was an exception. The Nagas were still usually a matriarchal tribe society.

Noble female Nagas like Bridget typically appeared in the army under the identity of being priestesses, but were in fact probably there to supervise the army.

Brendel now understood the other party had come to form an alliance with him. Her appearance also explained where the Coast Guards in the ports of Ampere Seale had gone. It seemed like the Naga tribe had already decided right from the beginning that they wanted to participate in this war.

It confirmed Brendel’s prediction when the other party opened his mouth to speak. “My Lord, we came under the orders of the queen and in accordance with the sacred laws of the alliance made with the Holy Cathedral. We are here to fight side by side with our human allies.” Bridget spoke Kirrlutz’s language very well, with barely a hint of the typical Naga’s accent or the coarse and deep notes of Sani’s Kirrlutz..

When she brought up the name of the queen, she bowed slightly to Brendel. That bow was not for Brendel but instead was in respect for her own queen.

Brendel’s eyes sparkled. As a player, he was very sensitive to small details and he was familiar with the customs of the Naga. It looked like Winder Dew, Queen of the Nagas, wanted an equal relationship

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